Outspoken Cyclist 525

Guests: Peter Wilborn; Dr. Chris Cherry; Jacob Van Sickle How is politics impacting cycling?  Is there undue influence to how we perceive our “cycling…

Outspoken Cyclist 524

Guests: Rob DeMartini; Tia Martinson; Ben Serotta We turn to racing this week with a keen eye to the future. Rob DeMartini, the new CEO of USA Cycling, didn’t…

Paceline Podcast 216

Hydration packs: they aren't just for mountain biking. Patrick takes a look inside his and discusses how what he carries shifts some for fall, especially due to…

The Paceline Podcast 215

It's fall, which means the days are getting shorter and your rides may be, too. Patrick's pull concerns how fall can be the perfect time to work on skills.

Paceline Podcast 214

A little heads-up: we are changing our posting day from Thursday to Monday. You'll now find us earlier each week. The Paceline is back with our new co-host,

Outspoken Cyclist 521

Guests: Jen Malik; Tobie DePauw; Lauren Hefferon Sometimes you meet someone – even just in a phone call – and the enthusiasm and excitement for the

Paceline Podcast 213

This week we say goodbye to Selene and take a little survey of some of her personal high points and faves. We are bummed to see her go, so this episode

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