Paceline Podcast 216

Hydration packs: they aren’t just for mountain biking. Patrick takes a look inside his and discusses how what he carries shifts some for fall, especially due to fallen trees.

Patria says fall is a time to evaluate everything from clothing to lights, tires to fenders. Runs through those items she says are necessary to get through the darker, colder months.

Show links:

Ride Headquarters Gear Checklist

Silky Saws

Light and Motion Urban 1000 Headlight

Sportful Helmet Liner

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  1. khal spencer says

    Seems the only thing you do not have in your hydration pack is a 357 magnum with a six inch barrel….

    1. TominAlbany says

      I haven’t listened yet. Does your comment imply there’s a kitchen sink in there? ?

  2. TominAlbany says

    Ahhhhh!!!! Why would anyone carry more than one spare tube?!!?

    While riding in the dark to work this morning, at three miles in, I hit a pothole. I didn’t have the light’s brightness up high enough for the conditions. Pinch flat, of course… Change tube with spare in seat bag. Pump it up. Pack and continue ride for 100′. Apparently, the idiot that patched the tube that served as the spare is incompetent!!!

    So, turn around, and pedal three miles home. In the dark. On the rim and tire. With most of my weight on the handle bar to unweight the rear wheel as much as possible. It was dark so, I don’t know if I damaged the rim or not. I hit the pot hole hard AND then I rode on it.

    Good thing I didn’t have a small saw in the seat bag, I’d have considered vengeance upon the wayward tube-patcher!!!

    1. TominAlbany says

      Update. Rim is fine. Indeed a terrible patch job on that faulty spare tube. And when I went back to find my water bottle, it slid out when I was fixing the flat and I didn’t know it until I got home, I found what I hit. Or at least I think I did. The town had cut out a section of pavement near the shoulder that they were replacing. By the time I returned later that day, though, it was already filled in! Also, they didn’t have a reflective cone marking the cutout, which would have helped. i remember seeing the cone only when I came upon it as my ride got ruined!

      Post log: So, I took the lights and put them on my mountain bike after dinner and did an easy 45 minute ride to make up for the disappointing morning. It was a nice ride I wouldn’t have taken if I had did a better patching job on that spare tube!

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