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Paceline Podcast 239

This week we've got another guest host on deck. Mike "Cush" Cushiobury, TCI's editor-in-chief steps up to the mic (literally, right?) to talk trail etiquette.

Outspoken Cyclist 551

Guests: Randy Salim & Rich Fein; Kendall Young This week, it’s about climate and carbon pricing first. There is, of course, a sea change of thought and action in

Outspoken Cyclist 550

Guests: Tim Jackson; Max Pratt This week’s show started out a lot differently from the way it has ended up. We do have a fabulous conversation with Max Pratt, a

Paceline Podcast 238

This week the Paceline welcome a guest host. John "Robot" Lewis joins the podcast for the first time and discusses the phenomenon known as spring in the Boston area.

Outspoken Cyclist 549

Guests: Lynne Tolman; John Surico This week, we take a trip east – first to Worcester, Mass to meet Lynne Tolman, the president of the Major Taylor

Paceline Podcast 237

This week we say goodbye to Patrick's cohost, Patria. Unfortunately, things have gotten so busy at Ride Studio and Ride Headquarters that she has to devote herself fully to

Outspoken Cyclist 548

Guests: Sara Dykman, Selene Yeager In July of 2017, I spoke with wildlife biologist Sara Dykman. At that time, she was embarking on a 10,000 plus mile journey to

Outspoken Cyclist 547

Guests: Paul Tolme & Ethan Campbell; Joe Lindsey; Caron Whitaker I want to begin with a statement and a question. We 100% support the wearing of bicycle helmets –

Paceline Podcast 236

We all know we need to have our bike serviced, right? But sometimes we don't do it as frequently as we'd like. But everything seems to work out, right? What happens if we

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