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Paceline Podcast 313

It's the "off-season," which means many of us are riding less. One of the ways to stay connected and even increase motivation is to dig into the rich canon of cycling

Enter the Deuce 15

With a full year of life under Matthew’s belt, I take stock of how far he has come as well as some lingering after effects of his time in the NICU.

Revolting 59

The Hard Journey of the Lone Wolf. This episode is about being alone. When we feel lonely, it can be really hard to break out of whatever melancholy shell we’ve constructed

Paceline Podcast 312

Conditions are wet in many parts of the country, making mountain biking a terrific way to damage trails. John proposes a solution. Patrick received a great many questions in

Enter the Deuce 14

In this episode we take the Deuce home and begin actually living with our son. Not lost on us is the fact that he was released on Easter Sunday. Certainly we felt like he’d

Revolting 58

Going Cold. For once, this episode is about bikes mostly. It’s December in North America, and it’s getting cold, or it already got cold. It snowed where we live, in both

Enter the Deuce 13

You’d think that having your child’s doctor tell you he’s ready to go home would be cause for exhilaration and joy. Honestly, my sense of him was that he was still so fragile

Enter the Deuce 12

With the Deuce safely back from surgery, you’d think we would breathe a sigh of relief. I was surprised to find that the accumulated stress weighed on me more than prior to

Revolting 57

The Never-Ending Treasure Hunt. This episode is about the never-ending search for treasure, whether it’s constantly searching through record store bins or used bookstores or

Paceline Podcast 311

While having a mid-ride coffee, a friend asked John what he thought of internal cable/hose routing. There's no simple answer to this, so he discusses it with Patrick, who

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