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Outspoken Cyclist 562

Guests: Leah Goldstein; Russell Newell Well, this week saw some really cool things happen… Mark Cavendish winning some Tour de France stages, some

Paceline Podcast 248

Where are the bikes? Not the ones in your garage or your friend's garage, but the ones that should be appearing on the floors of bike shops around the country. Demand has

Paceline Podcast 247

Why is riding bikes with friends so good? We know it's true, but can anyone really explain why? Our man John takes on the question. Did you pick up Covid pounds? Patrick

Outspoken Cyclist 560

Guests: Carter Strickland; Kyle Wagenschutz Their motto is “public land for public good”… and today, we speak with the NY State Director for the Trust for Public

Outspoken Cyclist 559

Guests: David Bradford; John Surico This week, we jump across the pond (as they say) to speak with David Bradford. David is the fitness editor for Cycling

Paceline Podcast 246

The show is back now that Patrick has returned from his visit to Memphis. John takes on the subject of gravel riding and where it may go next. Could Redbull get interested in

Outspoken Cyclist 558

Guests: Clarice Lorenzini; Elli Sias In an article she wrote for’s triathlon site on May 19th, Clarice Lorenzini says: “I’m Clarice Lorenzini and

Paceline Podcast 245

This week Robot follows up on threads from several previous episodes. He'd like us to believe he's a short, bad human. We know that's not true; he's a robot. Patrick

Outspoken Cyclist 557

Guest: Dave Snyder – CalBike We talk about advocacy, safety, trails, and planning a lot; and today, we wrap much of that into a conversation with Dave

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