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Paceline Podcast 330

The seven-stage Vuelta Feminina recently concluded. John followed the racing and found it an engaging event and believes that it offers an encouraging example for how racing

Revolting 77

The Family Friendly Show. This week we’re talking about nice things, memories of childhood, benign and non-controversial ways to spend your time, BIKES!!, skateboards, and

Paceline Podcast 329

Some kids built dirt ramps and jumps on a disused piece of land near John. What happened next doesn't inspire hope. Patrick talks about the lessons of riding a race in Boggs

Revolting 73

Singletrack for All with Ashley Duffus of Cosmic Dirt. For this episode we have with us cycling industry luminary Ashley Duffus who is the owner and prime mover behind the

Paceline Podcast 328

This week John takes on what it means to be bike literate, to be able to glean things from looking at a bike. What does a bike's appearance tell us about what it is? Patrick

Revolting 76

The Confidence Game. This week we’re talking about confidence and what it does to our riding, our skating, and our work generally, where it comes from, where it goes when it

The Long Way Home 7

For this episode John reads three pieces about the intersection between endurance sports and enduring life's harder moments.

The Paceline Podcast 327

This week John takes a look at how doing events with friends can change the dynamic and invokes the heretofore unknown Ringo Principle. Patrick talks about the Sea Otter

Revolting 75

The Fountain of Youth. Today we’re talking about bikes, skateboards and punk rock, which are the key ingredients in the elixir of eternal youth. If you don’t love these

Paceline Podcast 326

This week John discusses his experience at a ride called Mix Tape. Patrick takes on a listener question about going matchy-matchy with cycling clothing, be it a group, a

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