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Outspoken Cyclist 575

Guests: Jeremy Powers; Ted Rogers & Steve Ewing Sea Otter is in full swing this weekend and I thought it would be a good idea to grab one of the stars of our

Paceline Podcast 259

John is just back from doing a very hard thing. A thing that was harder than he expected. We learn things about ourselves on these occasions, and he learned a thing or two.

Outspoken Cyclist 575

Guests: Frank Yohannon; Marlon Lee Moncrieffe, Rob DeMartini This week, we have three conversations for you. I hope you enjoy them all. Sea Otter 2020 was, of

Paceline Podcast 258

Our not-quite-man cyclist, Robot, will be running an ultra this coming weekend. He says that there are some remarkable parallels between endurance sports and suggests we are

Revolting 6 Podcast

Stevil and Robot just drop the pretense and talk about music in this one. Skateboarding makes its customary appearance. If you like loud, fast bands or just like listening to

Outspoken Cyclist 578

Guests: Noa Banayan; Carl Gaede The transportation bill NEEDS to be reauthorized – and soon! Like this coming week! That fact led me to Noa Banayan – the Director

Paceline Podcast 257

We can laugh at ourselves, yes? Robot takes aim at cycling costumes, our seriousness, ridiculousness and functionality all being poked, prodded and panned. And maybe

Outspoken Cyclist 573

Guests: Brendt Barbur; Phil Cavell Today, we’re going to the movies! The Bicycle Film Festival, which is celebrating its 20th year, has been screening films virtually

Paceline Podcast 256

This week John takes a look at a watershed event in Shimano's history. They have discontinued mechanically operated drivetrains on their Dura-Ace and Ultegra groups. The new

Revolting 5 Podcast

Robot and Stevil dig into their crashes, how they felt about them when they were younger, the psychological damage that needs to be overcome, and the worthwhileness of

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