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Revolting 53

Relationship Advice for Cyclists. This episode is about learning to navigate your dirtbag lifestyle while also maintaining the love and trust of another human being. In other

Paceline Podcast 307

It's a slight departure this week, with John doing the show solo. Don't worry. This is not a permanent change. He'll be running down his winter prep checklist for indoor and

Paceline Podcast 306

John explores how cycling with newer riders can restore the blush of cycling's early romance. Patrick fields a question from a listener about how to go about choosing a

Revolting 51

The Battle Vest. This episode is about how a sleeveless garment, lovingly adorned with patches that indicate your primary predilections can make you a bigger, stronger, more

Paceline Podcast 305

This week John wonders if we aren't doing a disservice to mountain biking by portraying the sport as being largely about expensive, full-suspension bikes. Why isn't the sport

Revolting 50

A Race to the Bottom. This episode is about racing bicycles, what’s good about it, what’s bad about it, when we’ve enjoyed it, when we’ve hated it. Oh, and today's

Revolting 49

You Can’t Go Home Again. This episode is about hometowns, the good, the bad, and the ugly and what happens when we go back to visit, because you can never go home again.

Revolting 48

Corporate Rock Sucks. This episode is about how big companies get it wrong, and why it’s critical to support the independents. We take SST Records' iconic slogan and apply it

Paceline Podcast 304

This week we talk about the future with a clear-eyed look at the present. We revisit the Tubbs and Nuns wildfires five years on, and we extol the virtues of a gravel tire and

Revolting 47

Trail Etiquette. This episode is about how you should act while you’re out in the woods on a bike. We discuss the basics and have a few little rants. Then we talk about

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