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Oops: Revolting 24 Screw-Up

We had a technical issue with Revolting #24. We fixed it, so we recommend that you delete the old version. And download what we meant for you to hear all along.

Revolting 24

This episode is about the good news that Stevil no longer looks like a gorilla. Also, the guys talk about what the rules are and how closely or not you should follow them.

Outspoken Cyclist 600

Guest: David Zipper It’s a milestone. Today, is our 600th episode! Yep – 600… and looking back to that very first episode in September, 2010, it just doesn’t seem possible

Outspoken Cyclist 599

Guest: Paul Sadoff – Rock Lobster Cycles This week, my guest is Paul Sadoff. Paul and I haven’t connected since our last conversation in 2014 and when I saw a post of his

Paceline Podcast 283

John is just back from a trip to Seattle, where he was impressed by both the cycling culture and the cycling infrastructure. Patrick cites two news stories and considers what

Revolting 23

This is episode is about the events that made us change the way we do things. It is notoriously difficult to change people’s minds about things. First, what sorts of thing

The Paceline Podcast 282

This week John looks at how mountain biking has changed in the last few decades and how if you maybe bought a mountain bike in the 1990s or early 2000s, it's not a mountain

Enter the Deuce 8

Science rests on a foundation of data. You can’t do anything as an engineer, chemist or doctor without having data. Sometimes you have data, but that data is bad, that is,

Revolting 22

Single-speeding. This episode is about single-speed bikes, riding, racing, etc. The hardcore of cycling. One note. Purity. The guys talk about their personal histories with

The Paceline Podcast 281

This week John takes on a listener question about just who we are. Cyclists? Bikers? Bike riders? Patrick is back from getting sunburned at Sea Otter and reports on some of

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