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Revolting 35

Brushes with Greatness. This episode is about the people we’ve met or been near who are or were demonstrably better than us, both inside the bike business and outside it, and

Paceline Podcast 293

A listener asks if he should buy the light, fast road bike to follow the fast kids on the group rides? John answers, with aplomb. Patrick discusses riding with kids and

Revolting 34

Courier Pigeons. This episode is about bike couriers, messengering, and the strangely outsized influence of a niche job on cycling culture. Stevil was one, so we hear some

Revolting 33

Satanic Bike Riding Rituals. This episode is about riding bikes and the stuff we do when we ride bikes without really thinking about it. Satanically. No. Not really.

Paceline Podcast 292

John takes on the issue of tubeless tires. Is it really that much better? The answer isn't as simple as one might think. And because it's vacation time, Patrick answers a

Revolting 32

‘70s Dad. This episode is about our dads and how they were different than us in good ways and bad ways. We try to remember the most '70s stuff our dads did, including

Paceline Podcast 291

This week John talks about faith, but not the religious variety. For those who battle episodic depression, faith is expressed in relating to others. Patrick is just back from

Revolting 31

Internet Friends. This episode is about people we know really well, but probably never met, because the internet made effort in friendships obsolete. There's some pretty

Paceline Podcast 290

This week we check in on the current State of the Bike Industry, specifically how supply chain and pandemic challenges are manifesting in the 2022 season. Padraig addresses a

Revolting 30

Road Trippin. This episode is about road trips, by bike maybe, by car maybe, good ones and bad ones. We trot out our best road trip stories and discuss road trip music from

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