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Paceline Podcast 231

Travel is on the minds of our hosts this week. Patria opens the show recounting a trip that she and her husband did to New Zealand with travel bikes. Patrick takes a

Outspoken Cyclist 540

Guests: Molly Hurford; Karen Laberee; Walk-Bike-Ohio Last week, I promised a review of Molly Hurford and Peter Glassford‘s new book, Becoming A Consummate Athlete

Paceline Podcast 230

This week Patria take a deeper look at gearing on gravel bikes, especially now that SRAM has announced a new mid-cage Red Etap AXS rear derailleur, which will allow riders to

Outspoken Cyclist 539

Guests: Chris Zigmont;  Chris Carmichael, James Sonnhalter, Michael Dever, and Mary Cierebiej Hello and welcome to TOC. I’m your host Diane Jenks and this is our

Outspoken Cyclist 538

Guests: Kalene Griffith &Aimee Ross; Chris Carmichael; Joe Lindsey We start out this week’s episode in Bentonville, Arkansas. Yes, it’s the home of Wal-Mart and

Paceline Podcast 228

This week Patria discusses why the winter is the perfect time to see a professional fitter and either be fit for your bike for the first time or to have your fit updated. She

Outspoken Cyclist 537

Guests: AJ Roan; Chris Carmichael; Scott Bricker My first guest lives in Wasilla, Alaska. And, if you think back a few years, that should sound familiar. (I’ll leave it at

Outspoken Cyclist 536

Guests: Gersh Kuntzman; Chris Carmichael; Paul J. Lee We have two guests this evening and, as promised, our new weekly feature! My first guest is blunt, to the

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