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Paceline Podcast 270

This week John talks winter riding. Actual winter, not the imitation stuff some folks have had this year. He looks at some of the considerations necessary to keep riding when…

Outspoken Cyclist 587

Guests: Lexy Savvides; Tom Parker This past week, Las Vegas hosted the Consumer Electronics Show – AKA CES, in Las Vegas – in person as well as virtually.

Revolting Podcast 13

This week the guys talk about the funny way the bike industry has of introducing old ideas as new products. They're mad about it, except when it works. They have no interest

Paceline Podcast 269

John has come down with Covid and he did so just in time for his 50th birthday. Birthday celebration plans take a back seat to a communicable disease, as it turns out.

Enter the Deuce 3

In this episode the doctors tell us just what they think is wrong with Matthew. They also give us some sense of how things might go and because they want us hopeful, they

Outspoken Cyclist 586

Guests: Dr. Gabe Mirkin; Amy Jones We’re starting the year with a talk about health – what is it, how to get it, and why 60% of people living today will become diabetic if

Enter the Deuce 2

If you're a parent, you have some idea of how the birth of a child is supposed to go. After the most intense experience of the mother's life (and sometimes the dad's, too),

Enter the Deuce 1

Back in 2013 when my youngest son was born he almost died less than three minutes after his birth. He had a condition that would have been terminal when I was born. He was

Revolting Podcast 12

In this very special episode of Revolting, the guys welcome Amanda K. Bryan, a force of nature and straight talker, who educates them about the problems of sitting on a bike

Outspoken Cyclist 585

Guests: Shannon Galpin; Dov Tate The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating daily – famine, illness, and now a world that seems to be looking away, is making

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