Paceline Podcast 214

A little heads-up: we are changing our posting day from Thursday to Monday. You’ll now find us earlier each week.

The Paceline is back with our new co-host, Patria Vandermark. As a shop-owner in the Boston area, Patria is well-known and respected member of the New England bike community. In our first episode with her she discusses what’s been going on in bike shops since the pandemic began. Supply chain issues combined with a huge growth in people riding means that many bike shops are out of tubes, tires, chains, cassettes and, of course, bikes. But it’s October, so why are bike shops still low on stock? Patria explains why.

Typical Boston winter riding.

It’s fall in Sonoma County and, fires aside, Patrick says October is when Sonoma County shines brightest. It’s gotten him to thinking about not just other places to visit, but when to visit other places. When is the ideal time to visit the Front Range or the South? Patrick and Patria discuss some of their favorite spots at their best times of year.

Show links:

45nrth Wolvhammer Boots

Ragnarok Boots

Skateboarder Clay Kreiner from “Madness”

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  1. rich says

    Should this come up on the old Paceline on Apple?

    1. Padraig says

      It should. I’ll be verifying that today.

    2. rich says

      Hi Patrick. I can get the podcasts up to 213. I can’t get the new one to show up on my iphone?

    3. Padraig says

      Yeah, for some reason the new site won’t to talk to iTunes. Fixing that is on my plate for today.

  2. JRSchultz says

    I enjoyed the conversation and new host Patria. I found the background drumming to be a distraction. Perhaps use the drums as a transition to a different segment, but not during the conversation.

    1. Padraig says

      Fair point. Patria’s mike wasn’t well insulated from her desk; we will be addressing that before next week.

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