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TCI Friday

A quick note on how TCI Friday works: This is meant to be a forum for our readers to share their thoughts and experiences on their own cycling lives. What I have to say is

A Genie With No Bottle

The advent of ebikes has been a terrific boon to the bicycle industry. Ebikes are bringing people into bike shops who last visited one wearing polyester bell bottoms and

TCI Friday

I told part of a story in a post the other day. It was a story about getting dropped and bonking and then coming back to life and rejoining the group and all of it working


In the summer of 1989, ahead of the first of a couple decades-worth of the Tour de Wolf—which became the biggest mountain bike race between Atlanta and Denver—friends of

TCI Friday

There are certain things, innocuous facts, that say a lot about your cycling life, like if you own more than three bikes, or if you spend one day a year patching tubes, or if

TCI Friday

As I type, I am keenly anticipating walking my bike onto the ferry, the smell of briny harbor and diesel heavy on the air, then climbing the stairs to the top deck where the

Answers from a Bottle

Here we are with another installment of your favorite and most useful advice column. Stevil, is the UCI going to ruin gravel racing like they've ruined everything

TCI Friday

I have felt my heart break half way up a gray, dirt, hillside in the freezing rain. I have bonked, the energy leaving my legs/face/soul on sun-baked pavement miles from home.

Paris Roubaix Femmes 2021

This is not a race report, because we don't do that sort of thing. It's also not commentary on the race itself. Lizzie Deignan won. She broke away early and made it stick. It

TCI Friday

By the time you're reading this, I'm packing my bag to fly to Atlanta to run an ultramarathon. Running? Who cares? Yes, but also beside the point, because this TCIF isn't

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