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TCI Friday

I've been falling off my bike a fair bit lately, probably too much, which either means I don't have the skills I imagine I do, or I don't have them anymore. None of these

TCI Friday

What's funny is that I was thinking about this week's question even before Padraig brought it up on the Paceline the other day. OK, he didn't bring up this exact question.

Bringing Home the Dead

I was 80-odd miles into my first 100-mile day when my legs shut down. The sky was cloudless; the air damp as wet laundry and so hot I couldn't guess the temperature. I was so

TCI Friday

I stopped, because we all stopped maybe. I'm not sure why we stopped. When grambling, you don't need a great reason to stop, because stopping is just part of it. Also, the

TCI Friday

One of the things I do is advise people in the bike industry on topics of sales and marketing. I'm an advisor. Sometimes I create "content" that serves the purposes of either

TCI Friday

It's complicated. Of course it is. Cycling's history with doping. It's so complicated, in fact, that I can't even type the name of a certain cyclist, because if I do that,

Answers From A Bottle

Dear Mighty Wizard, With Wizard Staffs Across The Universe coming up soon, do you have any advice for a newbie trying to reach wizard status? Are you the wisest wizard of

TCI Friday

I was talking with Stevil about a possible future project. We don't really know each other, so we were just trying to see if we had enough common mental ground to "work"

The Gap Between

He's up the road; that's it. Never mind the road is unpaved, only as wide as a sedan and peppered with rocks like black pepper on scrambled eggs. How easy it is to choose…

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