Outspoken Cyclist 601

Guests: Noa Banayan; Steve Magas This week we speak with Noa Bayanan. Noa is the Director of Federal Policy for People for Bikes, and she helps us unpack

Outspoken Cyclist 600

Guest: David Zipper It’s a milestone. Today, is our 600th episode! Yep – 600… and looking back to that very first episode in September, 2010, it just doesn’t seem possible

Outspoken Cyclist 599

Guest: Paul Sadoff – Rock Lobster Cycles This week, my guest is Paul Sadoff. Paul and I haven’t connected since our last conversation in 2014 and when I saw a post of his

Outspoken Cyclist 598

Guests: Estelle Gray; John Surico This week it’s a two-fer and I think both guests are well worth the listen! First, I want to introduce you to someone who I believe

Outspoken Cyclist 597

Guests: Ed Benjamin; Dr Tab Combs I’ve spent the last two weeks pondering about inflation, gas prices, transportation, and of course how cycling fits into all of it.

Outspoken Cyclist 596

Guests: Kisha Tandy; Richard Sachs This week’s show first takes us way back in history with one of the most decorated cyclists of his time and then brings us up to

Outspoken Cyclist 594

This week, I have one very interesting and savvy guest; one who sees his business, eBikes, a perspective from which the bicycle industry might consider taking a page. You

Outspoken Cyclist 593

Guests: Matt Stoller; Tom Kellogg (encore presentation) My first guest is Matt Stoller, the research director at the American Economic Liberties Project. The organization

Outspoken Cyclist 591

Guests: Lester Janssen; Cain Chamberlain & Donna Ianonne Today’s show is a little late – but, I think it’s worth the wait. Photo Credit Jake Stangel Frame

Outspoken Cyclist 592

Guests: Diane’s News Monologue; Encore Presentation with Tom Ritchey This week has been really weird… I have guests lined up for the next couple of weeks, but whether it’s

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