Outspoken Cyclist 554

Guests: Alan Murchison; Bruce Hagen Last week, I had probably one of the most interesting conversations ever about food and cycling. To say that Alan

Outspoken Cyclist 552

Guests: Billy Binion; Carlos Pardo First up, is a story that went viral via TikTok this week when some teenagers in Perth Amboy, NJ were stopped by the police, had their

Outspoken Cyclist 551

Guests: Randy Salim & Rich Fein; Kendall Young This week, it’s about climate and carbon pricing first. There is, of course, a sea change of thought and action in

Outspoken Cyclist 550

Guests: Tim Jackson; Max Pratt This week’s show started out a lot differently from the way it has ended up. We do have a fabulous conversation with Max Pratt, a

Outspoken Cyclist 549

Guests: Lynne Tolman; John Surico This week, we take a trip east – first to Worcester, Mass to meet Lynne Tolman, the president of the Major Taylor

Outspoken Cyclist 548

Guests: Sara Dykman, Selene Yeager In July of 2017, I spoke with wildlife biologist Sara Dykman. At that time, she was embarking on a 10,000 plus mile journey to

Outspoken Cyclist 547

Guests: Paul Tolme & Ethan Campbell; Joe Lindsey; Caron Whitaker I want to begin with a statement and a question. We 100% support the wearing of bicycle helmets –

Outspoken Cyclist 546

Guests: Victoria Munro; Barb Hoyt In a mini-tribute to Women’s History Month, this week’s show highlights a woman-owned tour company and a woman from history who changed

Outspoken Cyclist 545

Guests: Patrick Lucas; Landall Proctor, Vic Micolucci Have you ever thought about who owns the land under your wheels when you roll out onto a trail with your bike? What

Outspoken Cyclist 544

Guests: Elizabeth McGowan; Rob DeMartini This week, we meet journalist and long-distance cyclist Elizabeth McGowan. In addition to her work – she’s a Pulitzer prize

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