Enter the Deuce 9

The diplomacy of a NICU physician could teach the UN a thing or two discussing difficult subjects. Our doctor didn’t spring the question of surgery on us, but began

The Paceline Podcast 308

It's Thanksgiving, folks, and John and Patrick take time to detail the things for which they are grateful. Show links:SHOP FOR ALL SOFRITO AND TAMALES –

Paceline Podcast 306

John explores how cycling with newer riders can restore the blush of cycling's early romance. Patrick fields a question from a listener about how to go about choosing a

The Difficult Year(s)

Remember what life was like prior to 2020? Yeah, we do too. Humanity was tested physically and psychologically in a way none of us had seen before. Covid caught up with our

Paceline Podcast 305

This week John wonders if we aren't doing a disservice to mountain biking by portraying the sport as being largely about expensive, full-suspension bikes. Why isn't the sport

Paceline Podcast 304

This week we talk about the future with a clear-eyed look at the present. We revisit the Tubbs and Nuns wildfires five years on, and we extol the virtues of a gravel tire and

Paceline Podcast 303

Do you have a riding routine? John laments his morning commute and what fitness he has lost as a result of working from home. Patrick considers our emotional attachment to

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