Paceline Podcast 245

This week Robot follows up on threads from several previous episodes. He'd like us to believe he's a short, bad human. We know that's not true; he's a robot. Patrick

Paceline Podcast 244

This week our man about the gravel town, John Emlyn "Robot" Lewis, gives us an inside look at what happens when ego overrides good decision-making. For some it makes for

The Gap Between

He's up the road; that's it. Never mind the road is unpaved, only as wide as a sedan and peppered with rocks like black pepper on scrambled eggs. How easy it is to choose…

Outspoken Cyclist 556

Guests: Dr. Etienne Krug; Jim Langley This week, Dr. Etienne Krug, Director of the Department of Social Determinants of Health at WHO, joins me to talk

Paceline Podcast 243

John has a gravel event coming up this weekend, and he was wishing for something that would give him instant base miles, which he's lacking. Instead, he managed to find a way

Might as Well Laugh

The forest was sparse, and grass grew knee-high, encroaching the trail, which meant that sometimes I wasn't so much reading the trail as watching for the lane in the grass,

Paceline Podcast 242

John may have talked his wife into another bike for their household. He's not sure he's at Wizard Level 10 yet, but she seems to agree with him. Tandems are back

The Practice

I'm lucky to be both a rider and a writer. I have to be careful about enunciation, but the two pursuits feed each other. I didn't take up cycling to win bike races, I took up

Stoking the Fire

We've all been there. We look at the bike and see this thing that has occupied enough of our time to have resulted in a college degree. And no matter how much we love riding,

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