In the summer of 1989, ahead of the first of a couple decades-worth of the Tour de Wolf—which became the biggest mountain bike race between Atlanta and Denver—friends of

Paceline Podcast 261

This week John elects to take the road less traveled and concludes he's better for it. Patrick, on the other hand, has chosen to take a break from his riding in an effort

At the Bench: All Internal

The quest to eliminate cables from waving in the wind and muddying our air has been slow and fitful. No sooner had the world adopted "aero" brake levers than Shimano added

Video: Klunking

The birth of mountain biking is long on photos but short on video, though it is at least recent enough to enjoy some video. The TV show Evening Magazine did a segment on

Paceline Podcast 260

With the arrival of fall John says the change of seasons increasingly truncates his day. To prevent the his abbreviated days from cutting into his winter riding, which will

Wahoo Speedplay Pedals

When Wahoo announced last year that they had purchased Speedplay, I was relieved because I took that to mean that the pedal platform wouldn't be buried the way some

At the Bench: Aqua Net

Mountain biking has progressed well beyond those early days of 26-inch wheels, triple chainrings and 130mm stems. Thank heaven. I sometimes joke that I'm not sure why I liked

United Drops Bike Fee

United Airlines has dropped its fee to travel with a bike. Srsly. To even write that United Airlines has dropped an extra charge seems like fiction, not fact. Honestly,

Paceline Podcast 259

John is just back from doing a very hard thing. A thing that was harder than he expected. We learn things about ourselves on these occasions, and he learned a thing or two.

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