Paceline Podcast 251

John has been giving some thought to the brouhaha over gymnast Simone Biles' withdrawal from the Olympic Games and how none of us really knows what is going on in her head

The Why of Hard

I was a lazy kid. I want that out front lest my parents read this and think I'm trying to pass myself off as some paragon of mental fortitude. I shirked with world-class

Paceline Tandem: Mark Peterman

Our guest for this installment of The Paceline Tandem is Mark Peterman, the CEO and founder of AirFom, a new foam insert that replaces inner tubes (and air) in bicycle tires.

Paceline Podcast 250

Our man John is considering his good fortune. He has a home and nice bikes and friends who think he's awesome. He also has someone who depends on him who is in a fix. What's

Paceline Podcast 249

A new shop has opened up near John, and he's hopeful that they can make a go of it. His question is why it's so hard to pay and keep good mechanics and why bicycle retailing

Paceline Podcast 248

Where are the bikes? Not the ones in your garage or your friend's garage, but the ones that should be appearing on the floors of bike shops around the country. Demand has

A Kickstarter We Dig

For those of you out there who dig two-wheeled devices with motors (i.e. motorcycles, not ebikes), you've probably seen the emergence of air bag technology in jackets, suits

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