Paceline Podcast 266

The Paceline is back following its Thanksgiving break. John takes a look at bike categories and just how blurry the margins are. What's it all mean? Patrick had an intimate

The Crash: Richard Sachs

Frame builder Richard Sachs is an icon in the hand-built community. For many, he is the standard-bearer of what the one-man frame shop is meant to be, an ideal. Unlike many

The Crash 1

We're launching a new podcast called The Crash. It's not really about the falling down; rather it's about the lessons we learn from falls, the silver linings that we often

Memo From God

I have an ex who saw her world in sets of three. Three friends, three beers, three scratch tickets, yadda. Any time something significant happened, she would intone that she

The Angle: Chainstay Length

The chainstay is the forgotten hero of every frame. It's one of the two tubes—the other being the head tube—that no frame design ever eliminates. Engineers and frame builders

Paceline Podcast 265

John takes on a listener question this week regarding the notion of Safety 3rd. Is it foolhardy or a sound philosophy? John and Patrick ponder its implications. With

Revolting Podcast 9

What is dirtbag fitness? Just because the guys don't deal in watts or KOMS, doesn't mean they're not trying to stay capable on the bike and off it. This is a conversation

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