Paceline Podcast 212

A reader question, and a science-y one at that, is on deck with Selene this week. She takes a look at adaptation to hot and cold conditions: why it's hard,

Paceline Podcast 211

We return to talk of Covid-19 this week because important new data is coming out about how exercise can affect someone's recovery from the disease as well as…

Paceline Podcast 210

This week Selene considers how we've all been cooped up to one degree or another and often riding the same loops over and over, so she considers strategies for

Paceline Podcast 209

This week Selene shares a bit of an interview with 84-year-old cycling Tom Phillips. Phillips is an avid rider, and has been since he was 38. And while he may…

Paceline Podcast 208

Our apologies on this going up a day late; we had server migration issues that kept us from posting, but everything is good now. We've got questions about…

Paceline Podcast 207

Selene is back from her visit to a socially distanced gravel camp and she says it was huge fun for all involved. We will hear about the riding, the education…

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