The Paceline Podcast 215

It’s fall, which means the days are getting shorter and your rides may be, too. Patrick’s pull concerns how fall can be the perfect time to work on skills. From riding off ledges and jumps to working on weight distribution, fall is a great time to work on upping our abilities.

Patria talks fat bikes and what they offer. Rather than being strictly a winter phenomenon, she sees their utility and versatility in much larger terms.

Show links:

Buffs and custom Buffs

Bar Mitts

Wolftooth Singletrack Pogies

45NRTH Cobrafist

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  1. bart says

    Patrick, I’m no longer seeing new episodes in my iTunes feed. The last one I see is 213. Not sure if this is user error on my part, if the feed moved to a new location, or something else. Any ideas?

    1. Padraig says

      The new site isn’t talking to iTunes. Why, I don’t know. I thought I had the problem all sorted out yesterday, but it’s still not happening. You can tell what my project for today is.

  2. albanybenn says

    No direct download option as was available with RKP?

    1. Padraig says

      I’m sure the new version of WordPress allows for that. And now that you’ve asked, I’ll go look for it and as Captain Picard would say, “Make it so.”

  3. TominAlbany says

    Hi, Patria. I live in Albany, NY area (hence the moniker…) and see a lot of fat bikes around in fall, winter, early spring. One place folks like to take them here is in the Albany Pinebush, which is an inland pine barrens, which means loose sand. My friends report that they make a huge difference in the loose sand that is all over the place there. I haven’t take the dive yet but you make some good points!

    Padraig: I have been working on skills as well. Do you have any youtube channels you use for examples or are you knowledgable enough on technique that you just need to go out and practice what you know? Could you recommend skills videos that you think get it right? There’s a ton out there, and I’ve watched some but, of course, different advice and tips from instructors can confuse at times. Working on trying to manual and bunny hop without just lifting the entire bike with my feet clipped in.

    1. patrialanfranchi says

      Hi Tom! Thanks for all of your comments, I didn’t see them until today when I was looking back at all of the show pages!

      I found this YouTube channel that I like a lot for skill suggestions: – the couple’s approach to the boyfriend teaching his girlfriend how to do it right is a nice way to approach skills; at least these videos help me out!

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