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The Angle: Chainstay Length

The chainstay is the forgotten hero of every frame. It's one of the two tubes—the other being the head tube—that no frame design ever eliminates. Engineers and frame builders

Video: Surfing the Line

Here's a charming little feature on the British Hill Climb Championship produced by Hunt Wheels. The British cycling tradition has this way of reducing a thing to it's most

Video: Fabio Wibmer Freeride

There's something mythically juicy about riding the cityscape on a bike with full suspension. It's possible we've spent entire lunches watching urban downhill runs in places

A Movember Moment

The photo above is not what I look like. I am not a moustache-sporting hipster (too old) or an insouciant dandy (too introverted). The photo above represents my best effort

Video: Klunking

It was the '70s and California was pregnant with ideas. Skateboarding was on the rise. Bands like the Eagles and Steely Dan were inventing yacht rock. It was, in many ways,

The Angle: The Trail Matrix

When it comes to bikes and handling, after bottom bracket drop, the next most important dimension that will determine just how a bike handles is trail. What's trail you ask?

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