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Hey, Just Ride 46

The soft morning light slowly unveiled my long shadow dancing on the asphalt in front of me as I crested the short hill on my bicycle. Careless and free with elbows jutting

Faces of MADE

By now you've seen lots and lots of shots of amazing bikes from MADE in Portland. I've long maintained that a big part of buying a custom bike is the relationship the buyer

The Mediated Message

We're all just struggling to understand the messages the world is sending us, verbal, aural, psychic. We are always deciphering, interpreting. And, as someone smart once said

Hey, Just Ride 45

Struggling up the final challenging climb, my bike wobbled from side to side, nearly grinding to a halt in that nanosecond between my right leg, then the left, hammering with

Hey, Just Ride

Everyone cherishes some images permanently burned into memory like a tattoo. So many fill my head I find it impossible to rank them. Without question, Crater Lake reigns as

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