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There was no announcement. We never agreed. At some point the pace just went up, and I found myself at the (off the) back. A long, straight stretch of dirt and someone got

Sticking With It

I am not a hardcore bike commuter. I only ride to work a couple times a week. It's less than an hour each way, and I don't go when the weather is particularly nasty or on

Be F*#ing Cheerful

It’s a tall goddamned order, being cheerful, but what are you going to do? Sulk around all the time? Make everyone else miserable? Make yourself miserable? Left to my own

Let the Record Show

This is a thing I wrote a couple years ago that never saw the light of day. I hope you enjoy it. Let the record show that at precisely 12:07pm today, my oldest son said to

Two Lives Diverged

Kelly Catale is an elite mountain bike and gravel racer and a mental health advocate. This piece originally appeared on her own site. It gives a close insight into the

The Crash Samaritan

You open your eyes. Disoriented. Dirty. Details are sharp but nonsensical. Rising dust motes. The tick of a spinning freewheel. A dog with five white whiskers licking your


It only happened once or twice. I made a sort of kamikaze effort to get off the front of the group, the result of some combination of my own recklessness and everyone else's

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