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Thanks to Shimano

The particular row we are attempting to hoe here at The Cycling Independent is long, rocky and challenging. In essence, we are attempting to stand up, from scratch, a cycling

At Full Gas

When we were kids, we would run from place to place, because if you knew where you were going, why wouldn't you run? The rusty jungle gym will not wait. They run out of

Hey, Just Ride

What is it about bikes that bonds people as tight as family ties? Cyclists come in all shapes, sizes and forms. There are cyclists who ride for fitness. Cyclists who

Hey, Just Ride

Ah, this time of the year we need to chill, reflect, remember, and dream of our days chasing the horizon. Lost in a sea of endorphins, the waterfall of perspiration

Facing the Music

It's silent actually, the feeling in my guts the morning of a race or event. They call it "butterflies," but that's awfully cute. It feels more like ants, lots of them,

Video – Badlands 2022

There are races and events that chart courses across all sorts of landscapes. Each one capitalizes on the bike as the perfect vehicle for seeing the world. A bike lets you

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