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Stay Safe Out There

"That's what my girlfriend says every time I ride," said a friend. "I feel like if I come back wrecked, she's going to say, 'I TOLD you.'" "Stay safe out there" is a

Hey, Just Ride

There’s a magic to the universe. I can feel it, more than ever when I’m on my bike. It thrives in Oregon, land of fairies and elves and wild imaginations. For many

Event Horizons

I know what I said about weight, and believe me, I meant it. What I'm about to say may seem, at least superficially, contradictory, but it's less about what the weight is,

The Side Wall Boogie

Many Americans associate this time of year with pumpkin-spiced drinks and food items, as if cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove only exist in the time between Labor Day and

Hey, Just Ride

Some days the clouds appear to leap away from bright blue skies, demanding my attention. Some days vibrant colors of stunning yellow mustard flowers, deep red clover or

Climbs and Misdemeanors

How cycling keeps me sane as my cancer metastasizes. How I got up here given my current weight and lack of conditioning, I don’t know. A combination of Androgen

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