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Girls Gotta Eat Dirt

Ripton Co. makes jorts. I don't own a pair of jorts, but I'm gonna get some, because obviously they make you fully and completely rad. This video, in fact, inspired me so

Solo Work – Off Canvas

I came upon an old woman pushing her bike. We were near the place where the secondary bike path, the one most people don’t use, turns into a trail. We were the only ones out

My (Not) Dirty Secret

What you are about to read may frighten and confuse you. It's ok. They're just words. Beyond that, only suggestions. That you will read these words on a site dedicated to

Face First

The last time my wife, Sam, and I rode Porcupine Rim Trail in Moab was 22 years and 11 months ago. Back then, we were much fitter, a full suspension mountain bike was rare,

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