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The Reset Button

Do you ever get tired of riding? Maybe even wish some external force would come along and impose a break (but not that kind of break)? Yeah, me neither. Riding is my thing. I

Hey, Just Ride 30

Growing up in Wisconsin my introduction to Oregon unfolded in two manners: Watching Steve Prefontaine charge down the homestretch of legendary Hayward Field on ABC Wide World

The Under/Over

Mountain biking has gone too far. Not only has it become a super expensive sport to get into, but more and more we act like you need a high-end, dual suspension bike to have

Hey, Just Ride 29

Rolling past bright yellow waves of mustard fields among the green fields of rye grass and tall fescue, Oregon's spring pops in breathtaking fashion. Vines strung out on

The Period of a Light

I looked back over my left shoulder to see if the light had changed or if the WALK sign was lit. I did this reflexively. The thing is I had run the light. I admit it. That's

Hey, Just Ride 28

One would probably have a better chance of seeing a snow leopard than catching me in a Lycra cycling jersey these days. I’m not really sure why. Maybe just too many years of

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