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Escape Velocity

Nothing was green, and now everything is green, seething with greenness. The trees breathe, their leaves holding down the warm air. A breeze flutters them. They exhale again.

Video: A Love Letter

Crystal Haggard lives a life of bikes. She’s an eCommerce Merchandiser at Zwift as well as a Specialized Bicycles ambassador in all cycling disciplines. On top of that she’s

A Dram-edic Reenactment

My apologies for the graphic nature of this photo. I am aware that male politicians of every stripe lose their jobs for sending images like this to people who don't want

Non-Zero Sum Gains

I have been thinking an awful lot about cycling advocacy and inclusivity. Why? Because I dream of a self-powered world, one in which all citizens glide around on a bicycle of

Vertically Compliant

In your head you just followed the title of this post with, "and torsionally stiff," I'm betting. You may have rolled your eyes as you did it. If there is one more cliched


This piece appeared originally at Dirt Soul Search. Through a miasma of mom jokes and sarcasm, we made a plan to ride. It was the weekly plan, but updated for a new day.

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