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Hey, Just Ride 56

RAZ'S NOTE: During this week of Thanks, I offer an excerpt from my ebook A Bucket List for Thank Yous. It’s a compilation of Thank You letters I wrote to the people who have

New Kid in Town

I have just moved to a new town. Moving to a new town is alternately magical and mortifying. Aside from the ferocious frustration of not being able to find the thing that

Video – Days Off

A couple things drew me to this short video from Liam Higgins. First of all it reinforces a theme that is central to TCI's core work, which is that, for us, the bike is a

To Play

It seems really difficult for adults to allow themselves to play. Or rather, it seems really difficult for many adults to admit and embrace that what they are doing is play.

Hey, Just Ride 55

My eye caught a glimpse of nothing more than a white dot in a lush green palisade of Douglas Firs rising from the mirror surface of the reservoir, but the flutter in my belly

Stories I Tell Myself

We all have a vision of ourselves, the “kind of person” we are. Artsy, driven, meticulous, grounded. Free-spirited, focused, trustworthy. And if you don’t know what kind of

Your Name Is Mud

This one is really for bike industry product managers and marketers, but read on, because you might find it amusing. On the Paceline, each week, we talk about products we

Hey, Just Ride 54

EDITOR’S NOTE: Far too often we only focus on one side of an affair. Let’s look at this one from both sides. Another in an on-again, off-again series If Bikes Could Talk.

Bash and Pop

Bash and Pop isn't just the rock band Tommy Stinson put together after the Replacements broke up. It's also a rudimentary technique for clearing obstacles on a bike on a

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