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Hey, Just Ride

Keeping my speed at a reasonable pace on my Saturday morning drive became quite a challenge with my heart and mind racing at breakneck velocity. I couldn’t get to Silverton


Here's another one from the Red Kite Prayer days. It's sorta old but still very accurately records my feelings. We rode along in silence, chains whirring. The sun was only

Video – Lando Steezy

When you love a place, like the city of Manchester, it's because you love the people. The people make the culture. And, Leo Smith reminds me why I love Manchester so much.

Making Sense of Gravel Tires

With the spring looming, now is a good time to consider gravel tire selection. The seasonal change is going to mean all sorts of things to riders in all sorts of places, and

Margin Walkers

I wrote this for Red Kite Prayer in 2013, but the song remains the same in 2023. I was a middle-class kid, as tormented by boredom as by the peer pressure of my preppy

Hey, Just Ride

Manic butterflies in my stomach gurgle and churn my morning coffee and steel oats into, well, I don’t want to even imagine what as I remind myself what I have told my


Because of the nature of my work, I have a lot more flexibility than most of my friends. I can ride in the middle of the day, and certainly during the winter, that's a more

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