Paceline Podcast 237

This week we say goodbye to Patrick's cohost, Patria. Unfortunately, things have gotten so busy at Ride Studio and Ride Headquarters that she has to devote herself fully to

Paceline Podcast 232

This week Patria takes a look at some of the safety concerns women cyclists face when out on a ride. From dogs to bears to men, there are valid reasons to think about safety.

Paceline Podcast 230

This week Patria take a deeper look at gearing on gravel bikes, especially now that SRAM has announced a new mid-cage Red Etap AXS rear derailleur, which will allow riders to

Paceline 226

This week Patria takes on the performance road bike purchase and examines the factors that need to be weighed if the rider wants to use the bike for gravel riding in addition

Paceline Podcast 225

Patrick and Patria are back after their holiday break and ready for the new year. Probably. Patria takes on the logistics involved in a winter challenge that hard man Jay

Paceline Podcast 224

This week Patria takes a look at bikepacking and the gear needed as well as how to think about packing. Patrick says his motivation to ride has been hampered by short,

Paceline Podcast 222

With Thanksgiving out of the way we can focus on the rest of the holidays, right? Well, it's Cyber Monday and there are companies running some pretty terrific deals today.

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