Paceline 226

This week Patria takes on the performance road bike purchase and examines the factors that need to be weighed if the rider wants to use the bike for gravel riding in addition to road riding.

Patrick digs into the way road riding will change with the advent of self-driving cars. This brave new world ahead of us may yet contain some delights, like safer roads.

Show links:

Hestra Split Mitt

Tubolito Tubes

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  1. johnrom719 says

    Patrick, thanks for the tip on the Hestra split mitt. I ordered a set and can’t wait to try them out. During my long slow distance rides in the winter (in Michigan) my HR doesn’t get high enough for my hands to stay warm. No problem on interval rides!

    Thanks for the cast. Patria, as a shop owner and an adventuresome rider, what are some skills and tools you think every rider should have with them?

  2. Jeff vdD says

    For the second half of last year, I was been riding (tubeless) with my spare being a Tubolito (the gravel-sized one). I haven’t had occasion to use it yet, but I’ve loaned it out to two of my friends who flatted. In both cases, they finished the ride (the longer being one of Patria’s Trail Mix rides on a wet day) with zero issues. And, both times, the $35 cost motivated me to get it back following the ride (I inflated it overnight to check for any damage–none).

    So far, highly recommended. I look forward to the experiment of how long it will last.

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