Paceline Podcast 232

This week Patria takes a look at some of the safety concerns women cyclists face when out on a ride. From dogs to bears to men, there are valid reasons to think about safety.

Patrick wrenched his back on a ride and he considers what so many people have lost in terms of activity by having gyms, yoga studios and other forms of activity curtailed by the pandemic.

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  1. albanybenn says

    I’ve led rides and organized events for my local club for 15+ years. Getting more women to participate has been something we have struggled with for that entire time. Patria’s discussion of fears from a woman’s point of view is eye opening for sure. Like Patrick, I’ve seldom thought about my personal safety (other than the normal risks of riding) when planning or going on a ride. I think I’ll share the show link with other members of our club board.

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