Paceline Podcast 237

This week we say goodbye to Patrick’s cohost, Patria. Unfortunately, things have gotten so busy at Ride Studio and Ride Headquarters that she has to devote herself fully to the business and bid us syonara. We devote this week’s show to many of Patria’s passions and favorites within cycling. 

Show links:

Patria’s Instagram

Harriet Brown’s experience at the 1975 Paris-Brest-Paris

Image: Pete Yoest

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  1. TominAlbany says

    Hey, Patria! Thanks for playing a part on the show and for all of the really good gear advice!

  2. patrialanfranchi says

    Hi Tom! Just seeing your note. You’re welcome, appreciate your kind words. Thank you for your many comments and discussions out here. It’s been good getting to know you. Enjoy your cycling!!

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