Paceline Podcast 223

Despite a broken rib, Patrick has been managing to get out for rides and has begun exploring roads he’s unfamiliar with.

Patria takes the end of the season to look at goal setting and how to summon motivation if it may be flagging due to awful weather or too many turkey sandwiches.

Show links:

Patrick’s review of the Ibis Ripmo

Industry Nine UL250 TRA Wheels

Ride Studio Cafe First Snow Ride

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  1. rich says

    In this edition you mention touring. I would love to see a column on touring. Both paved and gravel. I would also like to see “The Pull” brought back. With interviews of tour leaders, event organizers, and Steve Potts.

  2. patrialanfranchi says

    Hi Rich,

    Thanks for your suggestion! There is a vast amount of information we can offer where it comes to touring. What aspects in particular would you like us to address? Touring is incredibly fun to talk about, prepare for, and to execute on — both gravel and paved. Thank you!

    1. rich says

      Thanks for the reply Patrick. Since I will be completely new to touring. Getting ready to tour and what to expect on the road. What is absolutely necessary and what should I leave home.

    2. patrialanfranchi says

      Hi Rich,

      This is Patria replying to you. Where are you going to be riding to/from? Thanks for letting us know what you’d like to learn about touring, this is great to know. Really cool you’re going to be touring for the first time. You’re likely to be in a lot of good company as quite a few people are thinking this is the time to be touring with the pandemic raging. When are you starting your ride? Want to be sure to get you content before you need to be applying it in the real world!


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