Paceline Podcast 208

Our apologies on this going up a day late; we had server migration issues that kept us from posting, but everything is good now.

We’ve got questions about gravel this week. Selene takes on several listener questions about riding gravel, including being the last up a climb and making your bike wear a mullet, not to mention a discussion of the value of going tubeless and whether or not suspension is a big deal.

Patrick takes on the subject of buying a gravel bike and some of the considerations that cause him to recommend small builders as opposed to some of the big manufacturers. Buying handmade doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Patrick and Selene also discuss a new cycling web site that will launch soon, called The Cycling Independent.

Show links:

The Cycling Independent

100% Racetrap Eyeshield

Lazer Coyote Helmet

Images: Marie Ianucci

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