We Need You On This Ride

I’ll be brief.

Our primary goal at The Cycling Independent is to make our community as large as we possibly can. Part of that is selfish. We can’t continue without your financial support. This is work we want to do, but we have to put food on the table and coffee in the pot, so to speak.

The larger part, though, is just our mission, our reason for being. Get as many people as excited about riding a bike, any bike, as possible. We are, after all, cycling evangelists, and this is our revival tent.

Our promise is that we’ll inform and entertain in as many ways as we can. Our promise is that we will bring as wide and diverse a set of contributors as we possibly can, because cycling shouldn’t look like you or me. It should look like everyone. Our promise is that The Cycling Independent can be your Cycling Independent, a place for you to learn, to express your views, and to stoke the fire of your own riding.

To do that, we need your support.

We need you on this ride.

We need you to subscribe today.

It’s just $3 a month if that’s all you’ve got. That’s less than most cyclists spend on coffee/beer/gels/burritos in a week.

For $5 you have our hearts.

For $10 we’ll help you move. We’ll plan your daughter’s wedding, and we’ll dance at it, too.

Image: Ian McLagan

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  1. khal spencer says

    Hi folks. I’d like to subscribe, but my Norton keeps blocking your billing page with the message
    Scam Insight: Personal Information Risk

    Have you fully vetted your pay system? I can override Norton but want to hear from you first. Thanks.

    1. Padraig says

      I’m surprised to see that. We’re using WooCommerce because it is arguably the most bullet-proof interface out there. We’ve secured our SSL certificate to make sure the site itself is secure. The thought that our readers could be at risk wouldn’t let me sleep at night. The only way to hack your information would mean that WooCommerce itself had been hacked and that would mean tens of millions of people would be at risk. Put another way, I can’t think of a way to do better by you. But thanks for asking; I like being on record about this stuff.

  2. khal spencer says

    Thank you, Padraig. You will get my subscription and as I posted on my own web site, I recommend the Cycling Independent to others.

    1. khal spencer says


    2. Padraig says

      Thank you. I’m so grateful. What you’re doing will go directly to paying writers and photographers whose work you see here, Cush, Robot and me included.

    3. Padraig says

      Thank you so much. Your subscription, like everyone else’s, will directly contribute to the content you see here.

  3. khal spencer says

    Oh, in case you missed it. Hope this is OK.


    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      More than ok, Khal. Thank you.

    2. Padraig says

      Dude. Seriously?! That’s amazing. Thank you, again.

    3. khal spencer says

      Padraig, I owed you a chapeau. That 2009 narrative you gave in RKP of the actual Red Kite Prayer has been with me ever since. I mentioned it back in 2017 when I had my own red kite moment after recovering from a physically disastrous 2016.


    4. Padraig says

      That’s very kind of you. Thanks so much. And what a ride that was! I’d have had a headache at that altitude.

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