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Hey, Just Ride

I hate being cold. You might surmise it reminds me too much of my childhood winters in Wisconsin. Back then my parents would snatch us from school and

Winter Moths

This piece appeared on Red Kite Prayer in 2010. I was reminded of it by a moth clung to the side of the house the other day, and when I found the piece and

Ask Stevil

Every month or so, we collect the questions submitted to our friend Stevil and present them to him for his oracular pronouncements. And pronounce he does.

TCI Friday

I can't tell whether I find myself in a real riding conundrum or whether I'm just maybe a little too lazy. I'll let you decide. Currently, I have three

The Fourth Season

Winter is like a spin-off from your favorite TV series. It shares some characters and themes with the original, but it's not the same, and frankly, you're not

TCI Friday

I'm a bad friend sometimes. Bruce had suggested we get in one last mountain bike ride before the big snow storm, the one swirling outside my window as I type.

The Paceline Podcast 215

It's fall, which means the days are getting shorter and your rides may be, too. Patrick's pull concerns how fall can be the perfect time to work on skills.

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