The Paceline Podcast #16

The Paceline is going with the flow, Flow State that is. Padraig has penned a feature article for Bicycling magazine and we take the opportunity to discuss that magic moment when it all comes together. Flow may sound like surf-talk or skateboarder jargon, but it’s more than just a word, it’s become a body of research. It is the ultimate performance enhancer and it’s perfectly legal.

We go over Fatty’s Function Threshold Power Test results and find a man who was once worried about his fitness has plenty of it. Fatty explains his keys to improving power numbers while leading a stressful life.

Four years ago, British Cycling was headed into the Olympic games ready to grab gold, and they did. With Rio right around the corner, the Brit’s national team is in shambles. Accusations of sexism and harassment have been leveled against a top coach for the squad.

And the Paceline joins the Friday Group Ride and answers Robot’s question of the week, “Who taught you to ride and have you paid it forward”?



Show Links:

Flow Primer by Padraig

Flow Genome Project

Yuri Hauswald talks to Fatty about Flow at Dirty Kanzaa

British Cycling scandal

Friday Group Ride on learning to ride


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