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TCI Friday

TCI Friday is a participation game. Read the topic below. Then throw in your two cents. Or ten. I don't think I could be a lot happier with the bikes I have

In Olden Times

I wrote this one about ten years ago, but I've had this ride (and this piece) on my mind lately, because it represents one of the high points of my riding

The Long Way Home 4

In this week's episode we have a feature of Patrick's that ran at Peloton Magazine, New England Genesis. It concerns how a kid from New Jersey got turned down

TCI Friday

TCI Friday is an open forum wherein I pose a question, and you posit an answer, below, in comments. The last time I rode a fat bike was at my friend Bob's


I came upon an old woman pushing her bike. We were near the place where the secondary bike path, the one most people don't use, turns into a trail. We were the

TCI Friday

TCI Friday works best with YOUR input. Please join the conversation in the comments. I am the luckiest guy you know. I do what I want. I work with people I

TCI Friday

In introducing today's topic, I will be mentioning some friends and promoting a cause that is personal. I stand to gain nothing from highlighting these people

TCI Friday

I am over-biked. That's a term I just made up, and it means that I have nicer bikes than my talent, speed, stamina, etc. could ever justify. That's if you

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