Unbound Gravel 2022 – My Photos

I was at Unbound Gravel this year, supporting my wife Patria (formerly co-host of The Paceline) as well one other rider. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get out on the course, which was sprawling, remote and littered with riders pouring their hearts out, but there was plenty of action at the start finish to tell the crazy story of this event.

Camping, Night Before the Race
The Pre-Ride Talk
On the Start
Rolling Out
Pace Timing Calculator
Our bike with the New Shimano GRX 1x
Alexey Vermeulen at the Finish
Keegan Swenson
Robert Britton
Russell Finsterwald
Patria, After, Happy

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  1. Dan Murphy says

    Thanks for the pics, Rob, and congrats to Patria for finishing the 200-mile route.

    Any chance of getting a race report from her? I always like hearing about the ups and downs in a long race like this.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I bought a bike from her in ’16. 😉

    1. Rob says

      Dan: Patria just posted a race report this morning. It’s a good accounting of her experience. Spoiler alert: She had an awesome time!


      Thank you for being a Seven rider! I hope you are enjoying your Evergreen.

    2. Dan Murphy says

      Thanks, Rob. Just read it.
      Holy crap, she makes it sound easy! What a great day – congrats.

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