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In introducing today’s topic, I will be mentioning some friends and promoting a cause that is personal. I stand to gain nothing from highlighting these people and things, but I do have a strong positive bias towards these people, so consider yourself warned.

My former employer (and close friends), Seven Cycles are giving away a bike in support of Team KellCat, which is local mountain biking prodigy Kelly Catale, who does the pedaling, and her husband Joe, who does everything else. Kelly is enormously talented. For example, she finished 10th at MTB nationals in Colorado in 2019, coming from sea level to race with no acclimation time at all. Her CV is impressive, even if you don’t know that, like most pro female racers, she works a day job to support her racing life.

Kelly also does a pretty important and charming thing, in that she talks openly about her mental health struggles and how top level racing affects someone who struggles with anxiety and depression. This is the meaningful part for me, beyond race results, and why I’m supporting her.

This is all beside the point, except to give you a shot at winning a free handmade bike, if that’s a thing you’re into and to make you aware of someone working hard to realize a cycling dream.

This all flashed across my radar last week, and it got me to thinking about what bike I would choose if someone offered me a free bike. At 50, I am not really missing any bikes. I have one (or two) of each flavor for the riding I do (many of them Sevens), although I’ve recently been thinking about a coaster brake bike, just for s$%ts and giggles. You can never have enough s$%ts and giggles in my opinion.

I’m kicking in for Kelly’s race season fundraiser, even though I probably can’t reasonably win a bike from a company I’ve been so closely aligned with. Wouldn’t pass the smell test, I don’t think. Regardless, this week’s TCI Friday asks, if you won a free bike from your favorite bike company, what would you choose?

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  1. Dan Murphy says

    Funny question because I saw this raffle and actually thought about it. If I were a young guy, I would have no problem cominng up with something. But, well, I’m on the back side of the bell curve and it’s steep, too.
    I already have a very nice dual-purpose gravel/road bike that serves me very well. So well that I haven’t touched my Merlin road for years.
    I used to ride mtb a lot, but now any trail riding I do is on the gravel bike and I like it that way. My mtb is FS and almost 20 years old with 26″ wheels.
    Ok, after careful consideration sitting on a deck in Savannah GA killing time before leaving for the airport (delayed flight), either a hardtail mtb or a fat bike.

  2. TominAlbany says

    Titanium Gravel Bike.

  3. alanm9 says

    Bianchi Pista track bike. Always wanted one.

  4. Hautacam says

    650b low trail porteur bike. Cause i am bike-curious like that.

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