TCI Friday

I've been to bike events where 100 or so willing riders show up to a bar in the morning, get a short speech and set out on a circuitous route, with no real rest stops, ending

The Bucket of Truth

The first thing to know is that the bucket leaks. That's the first truth. Pour yourself into it. Give it everything you've got. It won't stay long. Evaporation is an issue.

To Burn Off the Madness

I'd been full of piss and vinegar the night before, but when I woke up, I felt as flat as a train track penny. The couch drew me in, and two cups of coffee did little to

Revolting 31

Internet Friends. This episode is about people we know really well, but probably never met, because the internet made effort in friendships obsolete. There's some pretty

TCI Friday

TCI Friday works best when you participate. Read. Then weigh in. Otherwise, I'm just a weird dude howling into the abyss (still). Thanks. Yesterday on the Paceline we

Video – Becoming Ruby

I was aware of Brooklyn Bell as a backcountry skier, but this is the first time I've seen her mountain biking highlighted and gotten a deeper dive on her creative side.

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