Revolting 6 Podcast

Stevil and Robot just drop the pretense and talk about music in this one. Skateboarding makes its customary appearance. If you like loud, fast bands or just like listening to

TCI Friday

Often I recall things I've said or written and think, "Hmmm...maybe I could have expressed that in a better way." On this week's Paceline I said that everyone, no exceptions,

TCI Friday

On this week's Paceline we discussed the announcement from Shimano that the new Dura Ace and Ultegra groups would be 12spd and, more surprisingly, electronic only. The future

Ride the Lightning

You think too goddamned much. Don't ask me how I know. Oh, it's because I also think too much. It's a failing of the human condition, to think more than to act, to spend

Revolting 5 Podcast

Robot and Stevil dig into their crashes, how they felt about them when they were younger, the psychological damage that needs to be overcome, and the worthwhileness of

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