Video – Into the Rift

Please know, that when I bring you these things, it's not because I aspire to them myself. Ultra-cycling is its own strange, reward/punishment paradigm, and as beautiful as

TCI Friday

I had been in Seattle for 3 or 4 days, running around from bike shop to bike shop, down to Portland and back up. I hosted an event at the Rapha space. I took some people out

Revolting Podcast 13

This week the guys talk about the funny way the bike industry has of introducing old ideas as new products. They're mad about it, except when it works. They have no interest

TCI Friday

You love riding bikes, which is different than being in love with riding bikes. It's like any relationship really. Sometimes it burns with passion; sometimes it's just a sort

TCI Friday – NYE

Today is my 50th birthday, which doesn't mean much, unless you're me. I woke up with a plan for an epic hike with friends, but then tested positive for Covid on my way out

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