Video – Dervla Murphy

Dervla Murphy died last year, at 90. If you don't know who she was, then let this short video introduce you. I was turned on to her work by Julie Snyder. And as it turns out,

TCI Friday

TCI Friday is a question and answer thing. We pose the question. You give the answers. I tried to do research and couldn't. Patrick had asked, on The Paceline, about

The Cult of Janus

On the final climb of yesterday's ride, I thought, "Have I forgotten how to suffer on a bike?" It wasn't a terribly long ride, and not particularly hilly, but the cold and

Video – Stone King

Ash Smith had a vision, and it wasn't just a trail, and it wasn't just a race, and it wasn't just a way to make a living out of mountain biking. It was much, much more.

TCI Friday

There are things I'm not good at. I know. I know. It's hard to believe, but it's true. And not only am I not good at some things, but I'm actively trying to be good at them,

Paceline Podcast 315

Today we discuss the discussions that come before rides. Very meta. Then we get into whether or not it's ok for bike riders to wear earbuds while riding. Are there any good

At Full Gas

When we were kids, we would run from place to place, because if you knew where you were going, why wouldn't you run? The rusty jungle gym will not wait. They run out of

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