Attention Deficit Order

Like most human qualities, the quality of our attention exists on a spectrum. Some have an incredible capacity for focus and executive function; others are so incapable of

Gaining Our Religion

We've pooled in the street in front of Chapman's house. He's not ready. He never is, and he's never in a hurry either. So we talk. I think 'banter' is the term. There are

Revolting 94

The Greatest Shows on Earth. One of the ways you can tell if you’re not living your life right is if you have stopped going to see live performances of music. Today we’re

The Mediated Message

We're all just struggling to understand the messages the world is sending us, verbal, aural, psychic. We are always deciphering, interpreting. And, as someone smart once said

Revolting 93

Solo Breakaways. We’ve both been on trips this last week, and while we met up with and even stayed with friends while we were away, the travel part was all solo, the

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