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Revolting 80

How to Avoid the Bummer Life. Deep down you know you’re lame, and it’s because you sit around feeling sorry for yourself or get too wrapped up with trying to

Revolting 79

Is That Gravel in Your Shorts, Or Are You Just Glad to See Us. This episode is about gravel bikes. Oh yeah, a whole stupid show about bikes. We’re gonna talk

Revolting 78

Walking on Sunshine with Amanda K. Bryan. For this episode we have with us agent of chaos, smiley villain, and all around stone cold homey, Amanda K. Bryan. If

Revolting 77

The Family Friendly Show. This week we’re talking about nice things, memories of childhood, benign and non-controversial ways to spend your time, BIKES!!,

Revolting 73

Singletrack for All with Ashley Duffus of Cosmic Dirt. For this episode we have with us cycling industry luminary Ashley Duffus who is the owner and prime

Revolting 76

The Confidence Game. This week we’re talking about confidence and what it does to our riding, our skating, and our work generally, where it comes from, where

Revolting 74

When You Lose Your Body, Your Mind Is Close Behind. Today’s topic comes to us from listener Oliver.  He says, “We all get injured doing what we like most. I am

Revolting 72

Not Everyone is Evil and Stupid. This episode is about our favorite companies in the bike industry. After we spent last week on a variety of rants about how

Revolting 71

The New and Improved Problem. This episode is about how a company can make a perfect thing, sell loads of them, get you well and truly hooked on them, and

Revolting 70

This episode is about domestic dirt baggery. Despite outward appearances we are functional adults who are concerned for our nutrition, who enjoy cooking and

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