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Revolting 26

I See You Are Also Wearing a Black T-Shirt. This episode is about t-shirts. If that seems dumb to you, then clearly, you’ve not listened to this podcast

Revolting 25

The Tour of France. This episode is about the Tour of France’s influence on cycling and us as cyclists. I know. I know. We broke down and talked about bikes

Revolting 24

This episode is about the good news that Stevil no longer looks like a gorilla. Also, the guys talk about what the rules are and how closely or not you should

Revolting 23

This is episode is about the events that made us change the way we do things. It is notoriously difficult to change people’s minds about things. First, what

Revolting 22

Single-speeding. This episode is about single-speed bikes, riding, racing, etc. The hardcore of cycling. One note. Purity. The guys talk about their personal

Revolting 21

This episode is about Attention Deficit, both the diagnosed kind and the undiagnosed kind. It's also about embracing the kind of thinking people who think this

Revolting 20

Cross Training for Chaos. This episode is about the all the stuff we do to be able to keep doing the stuff we want to do like riding bikes and skateboards. The

Revolting 19

This week Stevil and Robot talk about creativity and the state thereof in the world of bikes, not to mention their own creative processes. Skateboarding and

Revolting Podcast 18

This week the guys talk about nostalgia. What is one bike thing they're nostalgic for? Is nostalgia good or bad? And if they could put one great rock band back

Revolting Podcast 15

Everyone has that crazy friend who leads them on adventures both comedic and tragic and often both. Stevil and Robot dig into the dumbest ideas they've

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