Revolting 90

Do You Have to Breathe So Loud? This week is about roommates. Good ones. Bad ones. The collaborative chaos of cohabitation, and maybe, the joys of living alone, either as the last person on Earth or the first on Mars.

Music pick of the week –

Robot  – Son Volt – Trace

Stevil –  Monster Magnet – Test Patterns, Vol 1

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  1. lorenbourassa says

    (Long winded finger wagging content warning)

    As a licensed electrician I’m gonna have to blow the siren whistle on this one, 110 volt circuits kill the most people per year!

    You survived because your body did not happen to complete a good circuit to ground or the neutral wire. When getting a shock it’s not the voltage that will kill you, it’s the current that ends up passing through your body. It only takes .007 amps through your heart to cause a cardiac arrest, and every circuit in your house has probably 15 amp circuit breakers or better. If you manage to make a good connection from hot to ground or neutral, your muscles can clench and freeze causing you to become “hung up” and you may not be able to let go. By the time your circuit breaker trips (if it trips at all) you will have received at least two thousand times the current that it takes to kill you and it won’t just have stopped your heart, you will have suffered internal burns.

    I don’t wanna harp, I’m happy to go into more detail, please be careful.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      @Loren – I count myself both lucky and educated. Thanks!

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