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Revolting 45

The Perfect Bike Day. This episode is about our idea of the perfect bike day, from sunup to sundown. How does it start? How does it end? How many burritos do

Revolting 44

Stuff We Find on Rides. This episode is about all the stuff we’ve found while out riding bikes. Not gonna lie, we get pretty deep in this one. We also get

Revolting 43

Kook Games. This episode is about competitive bike events that aren’t races, or aren’t just races, the sorts of things we’d like to see added to the UCI

Revolting 42

Episode 42 – Live, Laugh, Love. This episode is about what inspires and motivates us, and about what sort of inspiration and motivation we're trying to put out

Revolting 41

This Is Your Life. This episode is slightly different than our normal meandering nonsense. Today we’re going to get to know each other via a single song and a

Revolting 40

Manual Labor. This episode is about how punk rock a hard day’s work is, or actually it’s more about how manual labor shaped us and how it is fundamentally

Revolting 39

Episode 39 – Scenes and Subcultures. This episode is about how sometimes your punk rock friends become Hare Krishnas or get really weird and start a rap/metal

Revolting 38

Write It In Blood. This episode is about tattoos, liking them, getting them, regretting them, what they mean, and what they don’t mean, and how to get a good

Revolting 37

Bike Shops. This episode is about bike shops, what we like, what we don’t like, basically a recipe for success for small businesspeople everywhere and a love

Revolting 36

Camping. This episode is about camping via bicycle, not necessarily bikepacking, with all sorts of gear, but maybe just riding out to a park or open space,

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