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Hey, Just Ride 30

Growing up in Wisconsin my introduction to Oregon unfolded in two manners: Watching Steve Prefontaine charge down the homestretch of legendary Hayward Field on

Hey, Just Ride 28

One would probably have a better chance of seeing a snow leopard than catching me in a Lycra cycling jersey these days. I’m not really sure why. Maybe just too

Hey, Just Ride 22

As my bike weaved freely to and fro across the roadway, I glanced across the vast lava field atop the Old McKenzie Highway and chuckled with a snort of snot

Hey, Just Ride 21

Keeping my speed at a reasonable pace on my Saturday morning drive became quite a challenge with my heart and mind racing at breakneck velocity. I couldn’t get

Hey, Just Ride 20

Manic butterflies in my stomach gurgle and churn my morning coffee and steel oats into, well, I don’t want to even imagine what as I remind myself what I have

Hey, Just Ride 19

Well, at least it stopped raining. That’s the first thought I had looking down at my derailleur after the pedals stopped spinning with a jolt in the middle

Hey, Just Ride 18

The perfect storm began oh so quietly, sneaking up on me like my Golden Lab when I open the fridge. Monday morning dawns and oddly enough I find no substitute

Hey, Just Ride 16

The subtle nuances of life’s magic never ceases to amaze me. As I planned my columns for the New Year, this one leaped out at me: February 14, Valentine’s

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