Hey, Just Ride 57

My gloved hands buried deep into my down jacket pockets as I curled my toes up and back endlessly hoping to keep blood circulating to keep frostbite at bay, I watched with

Hey, Just Ride 56

RAZ'S NOTE: During this week of Thanks, I offer an excerpt from my ebook A Bucket List for Thank Yous. It’s a compilation of Thank You letters I wrote to the people who have

Hey, Just Ride 55

My eye caught a glimpse of nothing more than a white dot in a lush green palisade of Douglas Firs rising from the mirror surface of the reservoir, but the flutter in my belly

Hey, Just Ride 54

EDITOR’S NOTE: Far too often we only focus on one side of an affair. Let’s look at this one from both sides. Another in an on-again, off-again series If Bikes Could Talk.

Hey, Just Ride 53

For as long as I’ve been on this planet, and it’s probably a hellava lot longer than most would guess, I’ve believed watching someone’s head as they nod off can be the

Hey, Just Ride 52

PHOTO CREDIT: UW-Whitewater/Craig Schreiner Trapped. That’s what it felt like. All eyes were focused on me, and the unnerving feeling that accompanies that situation

Hey, Just Ride 51

Gliding along sweet singletrack under the morning’s whitewashed sky I wondered whether or not the clouds would eclipse my dream. The last solar exclipse to cast its

TCI Friday

Just maybe what clouded my decisions appeared as plain as the nose on my face, which, by the way, sucked in the smoky haze as if nothing hung in the air other than my

Hey, Just Ride 49

The sun break arrived carving a huge blue hole in the sky, warm rays easing the temperature up near 60 while the late summer winds howled with a brisk bite of seasons

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