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Hey, Just Ride 13

What is it about bikes that bonds people as tight as family ties? Cyclists come in all shapes, sizes and forms. There are cyclists who ride for fitness.

Hey, Just Ride 12

Ah, this time of the year we need to chill, reflect, remember, and dream of our days chasing the horizon. Lost in a sea of endorphins, the waterfall of

Hey, Just Ride 11

I’ve written a screenplay called My Sister is a Reptilian Shape-Shifter and a young adult novel where the prodigy young female protagonist can see the world

Hey, Just Ride 10

Ah, a New Year! Time to reflect and tell old stories. I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. When I started to write for the local newspaper

Hey, Just Ride 9

Despite the dampness, dark and cold, I moved into the basement bedroom in search of privacy and the sense of independence as soon as my older brother headed

Hey, Just Ride 8

Despite forecasts of relentless rain for the weekend, blue skies glow through a long sun break as I roll to a stop along the Middle Fork Trail amid the roar of

Hey, Just Ride 7

Rounding a slight bend in the logging road miles from anywhere and anyone in Oregon’s Coastal Range, gravel crunching beneath my mountain bike’s fat knobby

Hey, Just Ride 6

For the most part Oregonians never allow weather to derail adventure. But every now and then, Mother Nature spits out a bit too much rain with the temperature

Hey, Just Ride 5

Growing up fourth in a family of five kids in the late ‘60s — the third boy, no less — my life pretty much revolved around hand-me-downs. Not so much in

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