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TCI Friday

My bike was red. I was eight-years-old, and that constitutes most of what I knew about it. I learned years later that it was made by Peugot. Apparently, they

Revolting Podcast 1

TCI is pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast called Revolting. Revolting is a rambling cocktail of thoughts, anecdotes, opinions, and half-remembered

TCI Friday

Earlier in the week, when I was cogitating on what I wanted to ask you this week, I thought maybe I'd talk about bikes you wished you'd had, the ones that got

TCI New Year

I owe you this. Last Friday I was up a snowy mountain trail looking for the better parts of my soul and letting the sweat evaporate from the top of my sweaty

TCI Friday

It was the '70s, and I was in awe. Evel Knievel was jumping a Harley over buses, and Scott Wesson was riding wheelies all the way down our suburban street.

TCI Friday

Somewhere in the big bucket of drafts I keep, unfinished ideas, started and abandoned works of great genius, there is a long (way too long) exploration of why

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