Video – Acea – Vans BMX

You probably don’t spend your evenings watching skate, BMX, and mountain bike videos like I do. That’s ok. I’m here to show you what you are, occasionally, missing.

This is Dennis Enarson. He is what the kids call “gnarly,” which means he does bigger, crazier, faster tricks than most anyone else. This is shot like a street skating video. There’s no real park footage. It’s just Enarson scoping out “sick” spots and going for it like a guy not concerned with his dentistry.

I’m dragging this video in front of you, because it’s a little special. It’s not like the others. The others are plenty great, but I understand you don’t have time to watch people ride bikes all the time. This though, this you should watch, because you don’t have to be up on the state of the BMX art to know this is different.

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