Video – Boston Massacre

Yesterday, I stopped in my local independent bike shop to say, “Whassup,” and Jim, the owner, said, “You wanna see something cool?”

I replied, “I’m a real fan of cool things,” and so up came this video of Matt Ray, a Boston local with whom the shop is collaborating on some projects. I have to say, I must have my head in my ass the clouds, not to have had Matt Ray on my radar. This kid has some real stuff.

Like many Bostonians, I probably have an inferiority complex about the old hometown. My assumption is that, if something cool is happening, it’s happening somewhere else. Well, evidently that’s wrong, as young Master Ray will demonstrate below.

Then I got invited to a coaster brake race, but that’s a story for another day and another bike I’ll need to build for myself for 2022.

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  1. TominAlbany says

    Power and coordination.

  2. schlem says

    Original etching credit: Paul Revere. Yup, that guy. This seems to be a copy.

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