Video: Chris Akrigg – In the Rough

I have been into trials (watching anyway) since the ’90s, when Hans “No Way” Rey was the king of all things technical. If you’re own appreciation of the screechy, hoppy madness that is trials only dates to the MacAskill-era, that’s ok, because, as the algorithms love to say, if you like that, you’ll love this.

Chris Akrigg is a world-class trials rider. He’s extra mean on a BMX bike. He’s a photographer and filmmaker, but the real reason you should check him out is that he rides the hardest, ugliest, gnarliest lines you’ve ever seen. He’s not one for shoveling a trail smooth, or finding an easy entry to an impossible obstacle. He just rides it all.

The video below will give you a small taste of what he’s good at, but if you like that, I HIGHLY recommend mining YouTube for more of his work, including his own filming, which is creative, unique and very inspiring.

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