Video: Dave Krone – Lords of Dawgtown!

Here’s a little banger from S&M Bikes for you. The production value isn’t the highest, but this is exactly the kind of video I love for a Friday, a jumble of gnarly BMX nonsense perpetrated by a dirtbag with blond dreads in Florida. I think of Florida as a sort of Mad Maxian dystopia of palm trees, souvenir t-shirts, and rolling heat. I know that’s only part of the story, but it’s the part I like.

Here’s a shirtless ripper with mop-bucket hair dropping some real science at what the skaters used to think was their park. The bridge manual at around 5 minutes in is the sort of throw away trick that would make my whole lifetime.

Oh, and the first track is Motorhead’s Lemmy singing “Stand By Me.” Enjoy.

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