Revolting 22

Single-speeding. This episode is about single-speed bikes, riding, racing, etc. The hardcore of cycling. One note. Purity. The guys talk about their personal histories with just the one gear and the ethos around singel-speeding “back in the day.” Then they consider whether this oddball category isn’t just as elitist as all the others.

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  1. schlem says

    That was fun. Thanks!

    1. schlem says

      And that’s my fuckin lame comment secret SS handshake.

  2. albanybenn says

    Would have loved to listen to Revolting on today’s road trip, but the download link does not work and I searched Google Podcasts and could not find it there.

  3. Stevil Kinevil says

    There was a quick second when if you hit play, nothing happened. How’s it working now?

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