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Revolting 70

This episode is about domestic dirt baggery. Despite outward appearances we are functional adults who are concerned for our nutrition, who enjoy cooking and

Revolting 69

The Lightning Round. This episode is like a regular episode but more so. Normally we have a few questions written to keep us from wandering too far off

Revolting 68

The Million Dollar Question. This episode is about what we would do if someone gave us one million dollars to run our websites. This comes from a part of the

Revolting 67

Yumming Someone Else’s Yucks. This episode is about the little things we like. Maybe you don’t like ‘em. That’s ok. We’re not yucking other people’s

Revolting 66

The Clown Car. This episode is about the bike industry. It draws in hordes of well-meaning rag-a-muffins, iconoclasts, and odd balls. There are smart people

Revolting 65

How the Magic Happens. This episode is about the creative process. We both do things that don’t pay well. Given the choice to do something else, even

Revolting 64

True Sexy Crime. This episode is all about clicks. The whole world loves true crimes and sex, so we’re gonna stop doing high art and just give the people what

Ask Stevil

Every month or so, we collect the questions submitted to our friend Stevil and present them to him for his oracular pronouncements. And pronounce he

Revolting 63

Losing It. This episode is about losing things. What physical thing do you find yourself searching for, late at night, the most? Not your

Revolting 62

In Event of Emergency. This episode is about cycling events, what makes a good one, what makes them less good, why sign up at all, etc. As usual we struggle to

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