Paceline Podcast 141

This week Patrick and Selene take on two reader requests. First up is an explanation of flow states; Patrick begins with a definition of what constitutes flow and how to identify the experience as well as an explanation of why it feels so incredible. He also goes into the neuroscience behind it and how that proves that it’s not just a cute name of an upbeat mood, but a real physiological experience that offers transcendence.

Selene takes on fasted riding as a means to burn fat. She explores the benefits, the best approach and explains why you don’t want to overdo it. Fasted riding=good. Bonking=bad. She makes a great case for what she calls metabolic flexibility.

There’s also some talk of tandems and Selene admits she once abandoned ship.



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The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler

Patrick’s feature for Bicycling Magazine on flow: The Science of Whee!

A post about chasing flow: The Return of Mr. Mojo

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