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Paceline Podcast 299

This time out we talk about the crucial role local bike shops still play in the life of a town, not to mention the convenience of having a good mechanic nearby. We run down

Revolting 42

Episode 42 – Live, Laugh, Love. This episode is about what inspires and motivates us, and about what sort of inspiration and motivation we're trying to put out into the

Paceline Podcast 298

This week John and Patrick tag team a question from a listener: Is cycling a sport? Spoiler alert: They aren't very good at arguing against each other. Show

Revolting 41

This Is Your Life. This episode is slightly different than our normal meandering nonsense. Today we’re going to get to know each other via a single song and a single bike for

Paceline Podcast 297

This week John talks riding with flat pedals—rather than clipless—for mountain biking. Patrick discusses a ride from his recent vacation and what it re-taught him about

Revolting 40

Manual Labor. This episode is about how punk rock a hard day’s work is, or actually it’s more about how manual labor shaped us and how it is fundamentally different than the

Paceline 296

This week we talk about traveling to ride bikes, specifically Zion National Park and its surrounding areas as well as Wales, for those of you with a penchant for passport

Revolting 39

Episode 39 – Scenes and Subcultures. This episode is about how sometimes your punk rock friends become Hare Krishnas or get really weird and start a rap/metal band, or how

Paceline 295

John is back from Wales and takes on a subject from a nearby part of Europe: the Tour de France. When news that a $900 tax credit was dropped from the climate change package

Revolting 38

Write It In Blood. This episode is about tattoos, liking them, getting them, regretting them, what they mean, and what they don’t mean, and how to get a good one. We hear the

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