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Enter the Deuce 8

Science rests on a foundation of data. You can’t do anything as an engineer, chemist or doctor without having data. Sometimes you have data, but that data is bad, that is,

Revolting 22

Single-speeding. This episode is about single-speed bikes, riding, racing, etc. The hardcore of cycling. One note. Purity. The guys talk about their personal histories with

The Paceline Podcast 281

This week John takes on a listener question about just who we are. Cyclists? Bikers? Bike riders? Patrick is back from getting sunburned at Sea Otter and reports on some of

Revolting 21

This episode is about Attention Deficit, both the diagnosed kind and the undiagnosed kind. It's also about embracing the kind of thinking people who think this way do. The

Outspoken Cyclist 598

Guests: Estelle Gray; John Surico This week it’s a two-fer and I think both guests are well worth the listen! First, I want to introduce you to someone who I believe

Outspoken Cyclist 597

Guests: Ed Benjamin; Dr Tab Combs I’ve spent the last two weeks pondering about inflation, gas prices, transportation, and of course how cycling fits into all of it.

Revolting 20

Cross Training for Chaos. This episode is about the all the stuff we do to be able to keep doing the stuff we want to do like riding bikes and skateboards. The guys discuss

Paceline Podcast 280

John answers a listener question about getting comfortable and avoiding injury on the bike, and Patrick talks about how learning to deal with the hardest, darkest moments on

Revolting 19

This week Stevil and Robot talk about creativity and the state thereof in the world of bikes, not to mention their own creative processes. Skateboarding and music come up, as

Paceline Podcast 279

John talks daydreaming and what a helpful tool it can be in dialing up motivation. Patrick says goodbye to former teammate Jay LaPlante and talks about last weekend's winner

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