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Paceline Podcast 339

Now that the men's Tour de France is over, we're into the women's Tour de France. And how great is that? We have a women's Tour de France again! Patrick talks about

Revolting 87

A Love Note to Cycling. Riding bikes doesn’t suck, no matter what Stevil says. And some people have real style and grace on the bike in a way that’s inspiring, and so today

Paceline Podcast 338

This week John takes on the demise of the e-bike brand Vanmoof and his experience with them, which is emblematic of why they failed. Patrick talks aphorisms, those pithy

Revolting 86

The East Coast – West Coast Beef. This episode is about figuring out which of the Robot/Stevil autonomous units is the correct and original one by dissecting the quality

Paceline Podcast 337

This week Robot takes another look at the lingering consequences of a pandemic and what it has wrought on the bike industry economy. Spoiler alert: Lots of stuff is

Revolting 85

The Top Five Ricks. This episode is about Rick Froberg. He was the best Rick. We’ll talk about who some of the other really good Ricks are or were, but really today we’re

Paceline Podcast 336

This week John returns to the subject of pro cycling and specifically, the recently underway Tour de France. Patrick talks traffic as a result of his recent visit to

Revolting 84

It Rubs Us the Wrong Way. We have some nice, expensive bike stuff and we have some cheap, functional bike stuff. It seems like no matter how carefully we curate our

Paceline Podcast 335

This week John looks at racing and how it has been used to drive innovation. Patrick takes on a listener question about the story arc of a group ride. Show

Revolting 83

You Light Up My Life. We’ve talked about the things that inspire us before, but we were possibly less inspired when we did that than we are now. So, we’re going to talk about

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