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Paceline Podcast 244

This week our man about the gravel town, John Emlyn "Robot" Lewis, gives us an inside look at what happens when ego overrides good decision-making. For some it makes for

Outspoken Cyclist 556

Guests: Dr. Etienne Krug; Jim Langley This week, Dr. Etienne Krug, Director of the Department of Social Determinants of Health at WHO, joins me to talk

Paceline Podcast 243

John has a gravel event coming up this weekend, and he was wishing for something that would give him instant base miles, which he's lacking. Instead, he managed to find a way

Outspoken Cyclist 555

Guest: Rob DeMartini This week’s show is short – one conversation and some current news. For many of you, it might seem as if we are beating the topic of inclusion in

Paceline Podcast 242

John may have talked his wife into another bike for their household. He's not sure he's at Wizard Level 10 yet, but she seems to agree with him. Tandems are back

Outspoken Cyclist 554

Guests: Alan Murchison; Bruce Hagen Last week, I had probably one of the most interesting conversations ever about food and cycling. To say that Alan

Paceline Podcast 241

This week John talks about beginning to put together a calendar of events that he will enter. He'll be fully vaccinated soon and the upshot is that he may actually have to

Outspoken Cyclist 553

Guests: Jon Biemer; Javier Sanchez; Dennis Markatos_Soriano You might remember that, two weeks ago, we spoke with members of the Business Climate

Paceline Podcast 240

Before we get to this week's episode, there were a few problem's with last week's episode; they've been fixed and we've replaced the file. This week John "Robot" Lewis

Outspoken Cyclist 552

Guests: Billy Binion; Carlos Pardo First up, is a story that went viral via TikTok this week when some teenagers in Perth Amboy, NJ were stopped by the police, had their

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