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Paceline Podcast 236

We all know we need to have our bike serviced, right? But sometimes we don't do it as frequently as we'd like. But everything seems to work out, right? What happens if we

Outspoken Cyclist 546

Guests: Victoria Munro; Barb Hoyt In a mini-tribute to Women’s History Month, this week’s show highlights a woman-owned tour company and a woman from history who changed

Paceline Podcast 235

This week Patria takes a look at what makes for a good rider, and what constitutes good ride leadership. This is a great time to look at this as we all prepare to start doing

Paceline Podcast 234

With some workplaces beginning to make the shift back to in-person work in actual offices, Patria suggests it's a good time to consider making the shift to commuting by bike.

Outspoken Cyclist 545

Guests: Patrick Lucas; Landall Proctor, Vic Micolucci Have you ever thought about who owns the land under your wheels when you roll out onto a trail with your bike? What

Outspoken Cyclist 544

Guests: Elizabeth McGowan; Rob DeMartini This week, we meet journalist and long-distance cyclist Elizabeth McGowan. In addition to her work – she’s a Pulitzer prize

Paceline Podcast 233

This week Patria discusses the need to be able to address a broken chain or derailleur hanger effectively while on a ride. She also shares a most unusual tip for how to help

Outspoken Cyclist 543

Guests: Brendt Barbur; Jason Huntsman & Aaron Frank We have two interesting conversations for you this week. The first is with Brendt Barbur. Brendt

Paceline Podcast 232

This week Patria takes a look at some of the safety concerns women cyclists face when out on a ride. From dogs to bears to men, there are valid reasons to think about safety.

Outspoken Cyclist 542

Guests: George Mount; Cory Greenberg Hello and welcome to TOC. I’m your host Diane Jenks and this is our show for February 13th, 2021. Happy Valentine’s Day! First

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