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Answers From A Bottle

Dear Stevil, I want to get a new tattoo but my wife thinks I have enough already. How would you sell her on the idea? Or, would you just do it and ask for forgiveness

TCI Friday

We've talked about food a bit recently. I like food. Food tastes good. But you know, once you establish some bad habits, they're hard to break. That's what makes eating

TCI Friday

Most of my riding of late is with friends, rather than the meditative solo rambling I gravitate to naturally. Riding with other people means riding a little faster and a

Back in the Saddle Again

If you ride, you crash. This we know. Last year alone I had three bad ones. You know the kind I mean. Not just “managed exits” that leave your friends laughing and hoping the

The Zen of the Wrench

There are days when I want calm, want remove, want to shut much of the world away. Like cutting fat from meat, I eliminate email, social media, the phone, the to-do list, the

TCI Friday

I am over-biked. That's a term I just made up, and it means that I have nicer bikes than my talent, speed, stamina, etc. could ever justify. That's if you believe that you

TCI Friday

This is how reckless I am. I had to look up where the race was. It's next weekend. My wife laughed and asked how it is I do this to myself, and I explained that I try

The Why of Hard

I was a lazy kid. I want that out front lest my parents read this and think I'm trying to pass myself off as some paragon of mental fortitude. I shirked with world-class

TCI Friday

In my lines of work (many lines, too many lines), there isn't anything like a true vacation. I might be away from home, with my family, in a place where ice cream and

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