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Into the Teeth

I've ridden in rain and it made me tougher. At least, it made me feel tough. I've ridden in the cold and learned it wasn't so cold. I've ridden in the snow and found the

TCI Friday

We are very near the beginning of meteorological spring now. Time to throw the windows open and let the fresh air in. In cycling terms, a spring tune up is in order, even

The Sprint

To be a sprinter is to be composed of dynamite, sewing needle and amygdala-free alpha urges. To a true sprinter, fear is cotton candy on the tongue of a child. They negotiate

A Year of Shelter

Life changed for us 365 days ago. I doubt you or anyone you know would have been willing to guess that the life you're living today was even possible. It was certainly beyond

TCI Friday

I got a new car, which is an odd way to open a column about cycling, but here we are. I got a new car, and that necessitates the acquisition of a new bicycle carrying system.


We live in an acquisitive world. More stuff, bigger cars, larger homes, faster computers, we're implored by the advertisers to improve our lives with their hawked wares.


When I think back on my earliest memory of a bicycle and a hill, what I recall is the down, the building momentum, wind in hair, the involuntary grin. Turning around to go

TCI Friday

I have a single-speed (currently fixed) bike with a basket, that I use for errands. You know the winter is wearing thin when you fantasize about riding to the grocery store

Close That Gap

We've all heard that phrase. I've heard it end with a period, a simple declaration of something so obvious it needs no inflection. By the simple clarity of my role as a

TCI Friday

Here we are half-a-year into this crazy TCI experiment, a web site, a publication, a community weekly of sorts, and so we've been talking over what's gone right so far, and

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