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TCI Friday

I can't tell whether I find myself in a real riding conundrum or whether I'm just maybe a little too lazy. I'll let you decide. Currently, I have three bikes that are

TCI Friday

You're supposed to drink 43 glasses of water a day, basically triple your body weight. If at all possible, this should be "spring" water, bottled at the source, and that

TCI Friday

I had been in Seattle for 3 or 4 days, running around from bike shop to bike shop, down to Portland and back up. I hosted an event at the Rapha space. I took some people out

TCI Friday

You love riding bikes, which is different than being in love with riding bikes. It's like any relationship really. Sometimes it burns with passion; sometimes it's just a sort

TCI Friday – NYE

Today is my 50th birthday, which doesn't mean much, unless you're me. I woke up with a plan for an epic hike with friends, but then tested positive for Covid on my way out

TCI Friday – Xmas Eve

I like to call it Xmas, because, to me, the X can represent anything. Like, sure, there are plenty of you who celebrate Christmas from a religious point-of-view, but lots of

The Protected Heart

A cold wind blew off the Hudson River and into our faces. Even as I buried myself within the pack of 80 or so riders, I could feel the damp air move through the pack like

Sticking with It

I am not a hardcore bike commuter. I only ride to work a couple times a week. It's less than an hour each way, and I don't go when the weather is particularly nasty or on

TCI Friday

When I was about 6, some local kids, teenagers, built a little plywood bridge over the rain ditch that separated our houses from the woods, the easier to access the system of

TCI Friday

In my work, I have the opportunity to speak with bike shop owners all over the country. Right now, there is really only one conversation, and that is, when will things go

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