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TCI Friday

I was talking with Stevil about a possible future project. We don't really know each other, so we were just trying to see if we had enough common mental ground to "work"

The Gap Between

He's up the road; that's it. Never mind the road is unpaved, only as wide as a sedan and peppered with rocks like black pepper on scrambled eggs. How easy it is to choose…

Line in the Dirt

At some point we gotta draw a line in the dirt. Wandering around aimlessly, sending unclear messages as to what our direction is, leaving behind a disorganized mess of

TCI Friday

I kiss my wife, pat the dog on the head, and tromp down the stairs to the basement. My bike shoes are there. My helmet is there. All the gloves and hats and warmers. The

Might as Well Laugh

The forest was sparse, and grass grew knee-high, encroaching the trail, which meant that sometimes I wasn't so much reading the trail as watching for the lane in the grass,

TCI Friday

Patrick and I were talking on yesterday's Paceline about buying a bike for a kid. I'm in the process of getting my 16-year-old, who has outgrown his current bike, a new set

The Practice

I'm lucky to be both a rider and a writer. I have to be careful about enunciation, but the two pursuits feed each other. I didn't take up cycling to win bike races, I took up

Stoking the Fire

We've all been there. We look at the bike and see this thing that has occupied enough of our time to have resulted in a college degree. And no matter how much we love riding,

TCI Friday

If you've been listening to our Paceline podcasts, you've heard me talk about some older bike gear, a Walz wool hat and a pair of SIDI mountain shoes, that I love, not only

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