A Useful Review – The Spy Optic Bounty

You don’t need a pair of glasses with clear lenses, unless maybe you do. I bought these originally as riding glasses for darkness and low light. I prefer to ride with glasses on, because I have watery eyes and I’m prone to getting stuff in them. I just find that I can see better, especially on technical single-track, when my eyes are shielded. After I’d been wearing them a while, I realized they were actually, even in bright daylight, the best solution for riding, because I get tired of taking sunglasses off and putting them back on as the light conditions shift rapidly in the woods.

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It bears mentioning that, for a long time, I was spending significant time in a bike building factory too, when I worked at Seven, so these would do double duty. They’re ANSI certified as safety glasses, so I’d ride in with them on, and then just keep them on my head for forays back into the shop to check on customer frames and to hassle the frame builders over nothing very important.

The Bounty is a wraparound style frame, which I like because it sits still on my head. It’s not terrible looking. In fact, I think it looks cool, but I’m a 50-year-old man, so take that with a grain of salt and decide for yourself. See photo >>>>

They retail for $95 which is a lot to pay for clear glasses, but what I can tell you is that they are well-nigh indestructible. I’ve inadvertently tried to destroy them many times and failed, and I’ve had this pair for nearly a decade now. I also love that replacement lenses are readily available. You could even buy tinted lenses and swap them out, thus gaining two pairs of stylish glasses for the price of just one.

I believe that’s called a “twofer.”

They come in gloss black and matte black, which are my two favorite colors, and also come, straight from Spy, in sunglass form, with a number of lens options available.

As ever with my reviews, I will tell you if something was given to me for the express purpose of review, or, as is the case here, I’ve plonked down my own hard-earned cash money for the product in question. I don’t know anyone who works at Spy, and I don’t know any spies, at least not that I’m telling you about.

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