A Useful Review – The POC Savant MTB Glove

If you have hands and you ride bikes, you might like the POC Savant MTB Glove. Most of my friends pronounce this brand “Pock,” but I think it’s actually supposed to be P.O.C. standing for Piece of Cake. I don’t know why, and I don’t have a problem with people saying “pock.” I’m just doing journalism for you.

Anyway, a while back I wrote about the Giro Trixter glove, which is a minimalist, warm weather, full-fingered glove. That’s a great glove, but stay tuned, because the POC Savant is a slightly more robust version of a minimalist mountain biking glove that I also really love. Can you imagine? Two things, seemingly at odds, can both be true?

The Savant has a thicker, sturdier palm. It has great grip. The elasticated wrist is more substantial. It has a breathable mesh back. But having said all that, like the Trixter, there’s not too much glove here. 

At $40, it’s twice the price, so you could reasonably ask, “Would I be better off with two pairs of the Trixter or one pair of the Savants,” and I would say they are equivalent. I get more wears out of the Savant before I wash it. Probably twice as many. If the Trixter is just too almost-not-there for you, then the Savant is a good bet.

The Savant also adds value by allowing you to squeeze a thin liner under it and wearing it in the shoulder seasons. I wouldn’t do that with the Trixter (which is still, I am maintaining, a great glove). Shoulder season use gives the Savant the sort of versatility I appreciate in all my favorite stuff. 

This gloves comes in four colors: black, epidote green, opal blue and dioptase blue. I find three of those acceptable, which is a pretty high percentage. I would love someone at Piece of Cake to explain to me what epidote and dioptase are, but I’m not going to let it bother me, cause I bought the black.

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  1. gregmarchand says

    I left my Giro gloves in a shed in Arkansas and, while I’m not willing to disclose the purpose of my visit to that shed, have been in the market for a shoulder-season-friendly replacement.

    Just placed an order for these Piece Of Cake grabbers. Thanks, Emelyn (and Google SEO for bringing me here).

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