A Useful Review – The Giro Trixter Glove

The Giro Trixter full-finger glove costs $20. That’s no way to start a review, because it’s just a piece of information instead of an evaluative judgement, but cycling, as a hobby, can get expensive and there’s a real group of riders out there in the world who maybe rides mountain bikes bare-handed, because they don’t need one more expense in the way of getting out the door and having a good time.

The Giro Trixter costs $20. And I think that’s important.

For a sweaty guy like me, it’s also perfect. It’s a slip-on glove, no velcro or other cinching system. Just pull it on and go. That means there are fewer seams to rub against my sweaty wrist and cause blisters.

Also, I’ve never had a full-fingered glove that breathes better. It’s basically microfiber on the palm side, so it grips well and it’s comfortable, and then it’s mesh on the back, so it breathes and sheds moisture well. It has touch-sensitive fingertips on the index and thumb, so theoretically you can use your phone, but frankly those never work for me. I’m too sweaty.

The beauty of the Trixter is really just that there’s not much to it. You can spend more, but you don’t have to. This is a great choice for a 1–2-hour ride in the middle of the week, where you’re just grabbing your stuff and going. I foresee having two or three pairs, so I can huck them in the wash and move on with my life. Also, they look pretty cool. They come in five different colors, from basic black to olive to some brighter colorways that probably look ok in California.

They also come in six sizes, XS – XXL. Find them here.

It’s worth pointing out that no one pays us to review their products. In most cases I have paid my own money for the stuff I write about. When it’s been given to me by the manufacturer, for free, for the express purpose of review, I’ll let you know that.

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  1. alanm9 says

    I’m an FFG rider too, thx for the info, I’ll check them out. Only question is if the wristband will stretch over time. That’s why I usually buy gloves with velcro fasteners.

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