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TCI Friday

Oh, here in the Northern Hemisphere we're getting into a real glove-y time of year, and longtime readers will know this is an accessory with which I am

TCI Friday

I promise you I'm not a glove fetishist, although if you went through the gear bins in my basement you might reasonably come to that conclusion. For a time, I

The Paceline Podcast 327

This week John takes a look at how doing events with friends can change the dynamic and invokes the heretofore unknown Ringo Principle. Patrick talks about the

Paceline Podcast 268

With the days getting shorter and Christmas right around the corner, the combination of less light and more family obligations has John thinking about

Paceline Podcast 234

With some workplaces beginning to make the shift back to in-person work in actual offices, Patria suggests it's a good time to consider making the shift to

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