A Useful Review – Clif Bloks Energy Chews

I’ve used Clif Bloks for years, despite their intentional misspelling of both ‘cliff’ and ‘block.’ Grammar problems aside, nary a ride, run, hike or other multi-hour adventure commences without me throwing a tube or two into my pocket/bag/mouth, because quick, tasty, easily digestible calories are never a bad thing to have along. It’s hard to imagine your life being saved by a small cube of gelatinous electrolyte, but I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it. And I’m here to tell you about these miracle globs.

For starters, Clif Bloks are sweet but not too sweet. They chew and swallow easily when I’m tired. They come in enough flavors that I’m not eating the same ones all the time. They’re easy to carry. Because they come in these tiny bites, it’s easier to bleed calories into my system, which is especially good when my stomach is upset and I’m trying to find my legs again, which is usually.

My all-time favorite flavor is Ginger Ale, which was the easiest on the digestion and tasted great. Clif seems to release limited-edition flavors with some regularity, although I’m not sure that anyone is collecting them.

If I had one quibble, it’s that the package isn’t the easiest to open sometimes. When you get it just right, the plastic sleeve becomes like a Pez dispenser for calories. When you get it wrong you end up with plastic bits in your teeth, and an extrusion device not unlike the Play-Doh fun factory, which is awesome as a concept, but gets real frustrating when you’re running from the man with the hammer.

Oh, and some of Clif Blocks have added caffeine, which is my drug of choice, so that’s cool.

An 18-pack is $52.49 directly from Clif.

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  1. Blue Zurich says

    I am also a ginger ale fan although they are usually unavailable and prices for bloks have skyrocketed, I gave up. Back to real food for me.

  2. alanm9 says

    I swear by them. Before a ride I open a few sleeves and stick them to my stem and top tube. They stay there and are easily available. Yes it’s gross, but so am I.

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