Video – Evolution Gravel Race 2022

There’s something very interesting happening in Kenya and in East Africa more widely, and Team AMANI seems to be at the center of it. A series of gravel races is emerging. Evolution (video below) is part of it, but see also the Migration Gravel Race (longer video).

From Team Amani:

The AMANI Project is a coalition focused on growing the sport of cycling in East Africa. Through a bottom up, consultative process with each of its partner teams, the AMANI Project has developed a number of initiatives designed to increase access to the sport of cycling in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda in particular.

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Those initiatives include (but are not limited to): 1st: The creation of Team AMANI, an all of the above off-road cycling team featuring the best cyclists from East Africa. 2nd: Ride Online, harnessing technology and modern inter-connectedness to create racing, training and assessment opportunities in East Africa. 3rd: Migration and Evolution Gravel Races, the idea behind both races is to bring international competition to East Africa (rather than the other way around) and create independent revenue streams for Team AMANI athletes.

From the video notes:

Evo Grvl is the second installment in the AMANI Adventure Series, following the Migration Gravel Race. A point to point race from the Ngorongoro Crater to the Swahili Coast in Tanzania. 5 stages, 850kms, 10,000m climbing.

The riding looks unbelievable, and my passport is up-to-date.

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