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Zooming In

I don't remember a lot about the first hour. We'd been side-by-side on a stretch of old rail bed, one of the few corridors like it that hasn't been paved,


There was no announcement. We never agreed. At some point the pace just went up, and I found myself at the (off the) back. A long, straight stretch of dirt and


This piece appeared originally at Dirt Soul Search. Through a miasma of mom jokes and sarcasm, we made a plan to ride. It was the weekly plan, but updated

Paceline Podcast 218

This week Patria takes a look at gravel bikes and what someone shopping for a gravel bike ought to look for. From frame material to gearing, she covers all the

Back to the Dirt

It's all going that way. The animating idea in cycling, after the mountain bike boom of the '90s, was a swing back to road riding, road racing, everything on

Paceline Podcast 183

It's a new year, and hopefully not a new you. You're fine. But what do you want to change from years past and how should you think about it? Selene takes on…

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