Video – Dolgoch

Regular readers will know that I am an unabashed promoter of the place my father was born and most of my family still lives, Wales. It’s a wild, magical place with a whole world’s worth of adventure crammed into a relatively small, friendly country. This video neatly demonstrates why Wales is the best country on the planet. It’s also narrated in Welsh, with subtitles, so enjoy that.

Dolgoch is about 20 miles from the village where my family lives, and these roads are the ones I daydream about.

From the video notes:

The Cambrian Mountains could be described as the last wilderness of Wales. Holly, Emma Jane and India visited Dolgoch, a remote hostel in the middle of the Cambrian Mountains, to ride local roads and share some time together at the different pace of life on offer there. ‘Dolgoch’ is a document of the friendships formed and roads shared in a wild, remote, and beautiful place.

This video was brought to my attention by reader Dan Murphy. Thanks, Dan. It gives me the happies.

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