Paceline Podcast 277

This week we lead the show with a remembrance of a bike industry veteran, James Winchester. He was a friend of Patrick’s as well as nearly everyone in the industry. John considers how our tag line, “If you ride bikes, you’re one of us,” speaks to a kinship we feel with other cyclists.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the Winchester family. If you’d like to contribute, click here.

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Giro Trixter Glove

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  1. jlaudolff says

    For some reason, my feed picks up last week’s show. Same for the show on this page.

  2. albanybenn says

    Show number updated, file available for download is for show 276, not 277.

  3. Rosé Dave says

    The audio file is for episode 276. How can I listen to 277?

    1. Rosé Dave says

      I found it on Sound Cloud. Here’s the link for anyone trying to find episode 277:
      (If that link doesn’t work, just search Sound Cloud for “The Paceline.” It came right up for me.)

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