The Paceline Podcast #17

Disc brakes could be back in the pro peloton in time for the Tour de France. The Paceline breaks down the latest on the back-and-forth fight over brake technology. And the incident that caused the lock-up on disc brakes may have been a chain-ring and not a rotor.

The Paceline is getting ready for a Summer vacation and there’s a good chance  it will involve sleeping outdoors. Bikes will be there too. Join us around the campfire for stories about bikepacking. Patrick has some tall tales of riding single track and sleeping out. Plus, we hear from a leading bike-bag manufacturer on how to outfit one of these adventures.

The Paceline dropped Mom leading into Mother’s Day. How could let her drift off the back? In Show #17 we make up for this mishap by remembering how Mom influenced our riding.




Show Links:

Disc brake report

Bikepacking with Padraig

The right rig for bikepacking

Finishing a road race on a borrowed mountain bike


Image: Justin Stanley

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